Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Akshu says there are last pages, printed, hung, not much written about it, Neil has to agree to Aarohi’s terms, what contract he is making. Dadi asks her to come for puja. Manjiri is doing Aarti. Everyone participates. Manjiri asks Abhi to focus on pooja, if his heart is somewhere else then Lord will also understand, do work first then do pooja well. Abhi sees the time and leaves. She Says Last Time, He Took A Big Step On Dhanteras, It’s A Big Thing Today, I Will Mody For Him, Can Everything Go fine Between Abhi and Akshu. Dadi asks Aarohi to come. Aarohi comes. Dadi asks Aksha to do Aarti. Akshu keeps her phone there. Abhi calls her. He leaves on a bicycle. Suwarna asks Aksha to go out and give Bhog to the poor. Akshu Goes. Suwarna says I am worried about Aksha but it won’t be easy. Dadi says it shouldn’t be easy, else the meaning of their relationship will light up. Abhi says I can’t stop anymore, tell me what to do.

Akshu says I left my phone inside, Abhi would wait for my call but after getting Prasad I can’t go back. Abhi is on his way. He remembers Dadi and Kairav’s words. She thinks Kairav ​​wants Abhi and me to unite but even Dadi is right. Abhi returns home. He sees Akshu giving Prasad to the children. Jaaniye…Playing… She thinks my wife looks like my wife. Akshu asks the driver to buy firecrackers for the kids and help them. Abhi says Mahadev, Akshu is in front, give me some sign. Aksha is holding a tray in the car. Her Saree gets stuck in the door. She tries to open the door. She sees the driver leaving with the children. Abhi reminds Aksha. He thanks Mahadev. Akshu remembers Dadi’s words. She sees Abhi coming. Pyaar Hua….Playing… He Gets A Firecracker. They have an eye lock. Manish says I will distribute sweets. Kairav ​​says I will go. Manish says Akshu is outside, see if she is fine. Kairav ​​says Sure. Abhi smiles and helps Aksha. She opens the car door and releases the stuck fabric of the Saree. He Says Akshu… I Feel Something In My Heart, I M Going Tell My Feelings, Don’t Get Worried, No Need To Answer, Just Hear Mear out. He gets over the roof of the car and lowers his head. He asks Do you remember anything? She remembers. He says I love you Aksha, I have always loved you, you are my first love. He gets down on the roof of the car.

He says life doesn’t give us the option to delete but it gives us the option to restart and shut down, I want to start it again by forgetting everything. Akshu says that.. He says calm down, I asked you not to worry, you don’t have to answer, no explanation, don’t answer if you don’t want, it’s your choice, I will be ready to hear you, I will accept what you say, I won’t lose love. He sees the firecrackers going off in the car. He says I won’t let this light escape, I promise. He’s leaving. Abhi sees kids playing with firecrackers. He gives them sweets. Kairav ​​asks Aksha where she is running. Money falls from Kairav’s hand. He says it is a good day, your bad eye has been removed, I will distribute the money, Dadi says lord will remove the bad eye before anything good happens. She says I went out to give kheer. He asks Abhi came. She says no. She is going. She says Abhi came.

Abhi plays carom at a roadside stand. He is riding his bike and stops to see some flowers. Pehla Nasha…Playing… She buys some things and returns home. He asks why everyone is happy, why aren’t you all preparing for Neil’s Sangeet. Neil says you went to meet Aksha, what happened. Abhi says it will be fine, you make song list. Shefali asks if everything is fine. He is dating Nishta. Neil says it looks like everything is set. Abhi says I told my feelings to Akshu. Neil asks She said yes so you are happy. Abhi says she didn’t say anything, I didn’t ask anything. Neil asks what. Abhi Says Some Feelings Can’t Be Understand but just feel, I will wait for her reply as I love her more than before, wish me luck. They hug each other. Manjiri says Akshu didn’t give any answer, maybe she didn’t understand what to say and she needs time.


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