Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2021 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kartik saying that there is one more reason why I came here. He gives her a boxing ring. He says I came to remind you of the dream you wanted to break. He drops the key ring. He catches it. She says I don’t want to join that dream again. He says sorry, I have this dream as backup with me, you can’t live hidden from others, you are a champion, show the world what you are. She says no Kartik, I don’t want to do anything, for whom should I do it. He says for Amma’s dream. She stops. She says she told me her last wish, she wanted you to fulfill Ranvir and her dream, become a boxing champion again, become happy again, live your life again. She is crying. He says sorry I came to disturb you, but I am not sorry, this was a goblin, reading your letter made me feel bad, I was not afraid, I know you are a fighter, you will fight well, I thought I will see you win the boxing championship, you ended Sirat, if Amma saw you like this, how she would feel, she would be very sorry to see you. He remembers Nani.

She says I will apologize to Maudi, I will go and throw it, I can’t fulfill my dream in this birth, I know my Maudi will understand me and my decision, Sirat is dead, I am Simran now, I don’t need to become Sirat again. He’s leaving. It is morning, Sirat comes out of his room. She sees Kartik making bread pakodas for aunt and uncle. He says pancakes are next. Aunty says I will have it. Uncle says yesterday you had cake, pasta and much more. Kartik says I took care of your health and did all this. Aunt says he is a beautiful son. Sirat says he met them only one day back, looks like he has known them for a long time, he makes strangers his family like me. Kartik sees her. Kartik asks uncle if he had any passion. Uncle says yes, music and aunty liked dancing, everything ended after Aryan’s death, when passion ends, man also dies.

Kartik says I agree, I am trying to explain the same to my friend. Uncle says yes, there should be some passion. Kartik says that there should be such a compelling reason to live life. The doorbell rings. Aunty says maybe the guy from the bank has come. Uncle and aunt go to see. Sirat says I thought you will go from here when I wake up. Kartik asks did you open your eyes, I thought you will ask me to book your ticket. He says I am not going anywhere. He gets hurt. He takes ice. He takes care of her. Dhaage me moti jaisa…..plays….Turns around.

Kartik asks aunty, can I stay here for a few days. Aunty says yes we know there is something between you and Simran. He says no. He says don’t be shy, we are very happy to have someone in Simran’s life, she is young and will stay with us, we hope her life will change, go convince her. He says thanks. She thinks I have to lie to you, I hope you understand, you want the same thing. Sirat sees his photos from the box on the bouquet. Kartik says I am more stubborn than you. He helps her in the shop. She asks him to go, what will uncle and aunt think. He says they know, not the whole thing, but they are with me, you can take your time, I will stay here. She goes to her room and cries. He says I can’t go back to that world. He throws things. Kartík knocks and comes. He asks why you came here. He asks should I go inside. She asks him to go. He steps on the wires and falls. They say how lucky I am. She apologizes and helps him up.

She asks him to go. He says that if you throw the stars of your destiny on the ground, you can become a boxing star. She argues. He asks her not to go. He says I will scream. He says call whoever you want, make noise, we will leave this matter to uncle and aunty, they will decide whether you should live as Simran or Sirat. He asks why are you doing this. He says you are doing this to yourself, you are so weak, look at yourself. He says everything will be fine when you go. He asks what will be good, can you tell the bum who you are, you are a coward, you are afraid your lie will be exposed. He asks if you don’t know. She says no, you had no reason to break relationship with me. He says whatever people have been saying about us. He asks if it’s true, how does it matter. He says if we get back together the media will talk about us.

He asks if you will change your life by being afraid of them. He says I have no courage. He asks if you lose I won’t let you. She pushes him. He says I know the result will be bad, you and your family will lose respect, I will feel guilty, I will have to apologize to everyone, I can’t face your eyes, why are you blaming yourself when the thing was not there? I won’t come into your heart, I wasn’t your responsibility before or now, I can manage, you go, you have a family, I don’t have a family, you have to handle all relationships. He says you are doing this for my family, I will handle it, come with me. He says I will not go with you. He says I will not go until you come with me. She says you have to go, I am Simran now not Sirat. He says no. She leads him out of the room and closes the door. He remembers everything. She asks him to leave, there is no destination for this trip. She is crying.

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