Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Akshu Saying You All Here, Suddenly. Manjiri asks Suwarna if everything is fine. Manish says you all finish your food, then we will talk. Akshu asks is everything fine. He says Sorry, we had to come to talk. Suwarna Gives The Bangles To Aksha And Asks Her To Make Her Bhabhi Wear It. Everyone is smiling. Manish asks how did you like our playing. Laughs. He asks Anand for Anisa’s hand in marriage for Kairav. Mahima and Anand agree. Abhi asks Kairav ​​and Anisha Are they sure. Anisha says I wouldn’t have suggested it if I wasn’t sure. Kairav ​​says I thought about it, I realized, ups and downs come in every couple, my mom and dad overcame every problem with their love, I hope our love is strong too. Abhi says I Hope So Too, Think Again. Akshu says we will do Rasam soon, we will take a group selfie where Dadi is.

Suwarna Says She Wasn’t Well, So She Didn’t Come, We Came To End The Tension Here. Akshu Says Fine, We Will Do This Small Rasam Without Her. Abhi says no Mahima says maybe she needs more time for Rasam to happen. Abhi says I will just go and get her. Abhi goes to Goenka’s house. He meets Dadi and asks what happened. Sitting On The Floor. She asks what are you doing. He checks her pulse and says you are fine, it means you are in a bad mood, you are not happy with this marriage, even I am not happy, who can be happy in such a hurry, so I left from there, think about it, they Tomorrow we will get married, you think i have an alliance too, Kairav ​​is sensible, let them do what they want, we will not go, we will sit here angry, I am hungry, I left food, there is something . She asks what, you left the food. He says it’s no imp than you, tell me what you think. She says I want relationship to be fixed forever, Kairav ​​is responsible and sensible, Anisha is not responsible. He says you have no problem with this relationship, ok come with me. She refuses.

Manjiri says Kairav ​​is a pretty girl, don’t worry. Mahima Says I M Worried For Anisha, She Is My Daughter, I Want Her Settle Down. Manjiri smiles. Anisha apologizes to Kairav. He says its ok now we will continue. Akshu smiles seeing them. Kairav ​​says Don’t Go Leaving Me Again, My family can’t tolerate this. Anisha holds his hand. He says I promise, That will never happen.

Abhi asks Dadi to get all angry, maybe her decision will leave their relationship incomplete, every relationship has a problem, everything is fine now, problems will come in life, we will deal with it when it comes, I know such things they become Dadi nods.

He asks her to come now. She says Akshu is lucky to get you. She says I am lucky to get her. She blesses him. Akshu asks Did you say yes with your heart. Kairav ​​says Yes, I was waiting for this for a long time. He says I know what will happen, what do you expect from your relationship, you both are different. He says it’s complimentary, it has life and madness in it, I think it’s good to be different, our relationship will be like mountain and river, peace and storm. She teases him. Laughs. She asks him to always smile. He says I will give you a promise, I will always support you.

Aarohi looks at Anish. Mahima sees Bangles there. Akshu says don’t stress, Abhi went to get Dadi. Abhi says I have Dadi. Everyone is smiling. Akshu Hugs Dadi. Mahima welcomes Dadi. Aksha kisses Abhi and says thanks. Abhi Kisses Her Back And Says Mention Not. Anisha apologizes to Dadi. Dadi says Forget it but remember it from now. Mahima says we will start Rasam. Anisha says it would be good if Harsh was here. Anand says she is here. Rough returns home. Anand says when Abhi went to get Dadi, I called Harsh, I knew Anisha will be Miss Harsh. Harsh Wishes Akshu Happy Birthday And Gives Bouquet. Akshu thanks and accepts his blessings. He also says I have your envelope. It says Welcome. He sees Manjiri. He says I emailed Abhi’s messages to Dr. Kunal, meeting will be fixed soon. Akshu says it looks good to see the family together, you made my birthday perfect, thanks.

He says we should sing and dance. Dancing to Badhai Ho Badhai…. Dadi and Suwarna do Aarti. Kairav ​​makes Anisha wear bangles. Akshu And Abhi Feed Her Sweets. Everyone will be happy. Suwarna gives Shagun. Akshu says I am crying happily, we all saw many dreams of your marriage, you are lucky, you are marrying my Nanand, its double happiness. Suwarna says Akshu and Kairav’s relationship is different, they like each other a lot. Anand asks when to keep the marriage. Mahima says As soon as possible why wait when boy and girl are ready. Dadi says make a date but listen one thing we will decide it according to kids wish we elders will decide one thing Anisha won’t go to Mumbai after marriage she won’t do acting she can do anything here She can go to office with Kairav ​​or take care about the house, forget about Bombay. Everyone tenses up.

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Harsh says that Dr. Kunal will meet Abhi in some time. Abhi asks today. He happily hugs Harsh. Everyone is smiling. Akshu sees Anisha signing someone.

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