Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Abhi comes to Anish. She says Sorry I didn’t see you. He says it’s ok, I ask in general. He asks why everyone doesn’t understand me. He says no it’s not like that, we can live according to our wishes but we can’t make others run according to our wishes. She says I proposed him, he didn’t give me an answer, everyone blames me for not making him clear. He says when you are not here, questions are asked to them, we need assurance that you will not leave us and go again. He says I want more. He says I will send it. Mahima, Anand And Parth Watch. Mahima says she always spoils things. Anand asks where was she, what is this about marriage. Parth says she should have told us, I don’t know why she is in a hurry.

Akshu sees a picture of Abhira. He remembers Mahima’s words. Abhi comes and asks her to remove the stress. He says we are getting less moments to celebrate happiness, I don’t want to lose this chance, please tell me, will you help me. She blows out the candle. Lights Back. They’re laughing. Jaaniye…Plays… He Says Our Love Is Such, Winds And Storms Can’t Do Nothing To Our Love, It Will End When Our Lives End, Till Then, No, Never… Happy Birthday. He is feeding her Cupcake. They have a romantic moment. Their painting is deteriorating. It is morning, Abhi asks Aksha to come quickly. He says I am coming. The curtain flies away. Akshu comes. Abhi says eyes and heart hurt me. Akshu asks him to show his eyes. He holds her and says you look so beautiful. He says you are so smart. He says it’s called romance, just smile all day, happy birthday again. She thanks Him.

Kairav ​​is talking to Anisha on a video call. He says I sent flowers and sorry, I truly love you, take time and decide, I will accept your decision, I promise. Kairav ​​sees Dadi behind him. He says I will call you later. Dadi says I would go if you tell me, she won’t leave you until you say yes, she troubled you a lot and now she came back to make you dance. She says you have already scolded her a lot. She says Forgive me for cursing that princess. Suwarna asks her to calm down.

Abhi And Aksha See Anisha Doing Swiss Roll For Aksha. Anisha Wishes Aksha and Says Sorry for Your Birthday Party. Akshu says don’t think too much, thanks, it looks wonderful. Abhi says I know, you did only one. Akshu asks Anisha to take a bite. He says Dadi loves Kairav ​​A Lot, Don’t Feel Bad Of Her Words. Abhi asks Anisha to smile. He is eating a swiss roll.

Aarohi says she ignored you and then proposed you, don’t take it psycho. Suwarna asks Kairav ​​to forget everything. Aarohi says she is taking advantage of Kairav’s emotions. Manish says we will accept your decision. Dadi says if she runs away after marriage, you can leave her here at one place, think and answer. Abhi And Akshu Are On The Road. She asks you see your gifted dress. He says No, I see my wife, you were always beautiful or you became more beautiful after marriage. He asks where to drive now. He guides her and says we will complete this work and plan. She says I know work is also a surprise for me. He says I don’t like anyone who spies. He asks her to stop the car. It says you haven’t sent messages to Dr. Kunal. He says I did it. He says we will go home, they are afraid. He says I don’t want to waste any moment of your birthday, let’s live for ourselves. They go to the park. He sees Abhira written on a rock fence around a plant. He says these plants are a sign of our love, we will water them and take care of them, you will make them listen to your music, how did you like my gift. He says really how do we take it home. He says no, we will come here to meet them, I was thinking what to give you, we will keep coming here. They both talk about their love. He says it will always need us both, just as we need each other. They water the plants.

Abhi and Aksha are lying there. Yeh Rishta…Playing… Mahima says its Anisha’s Mistake. Anand says because of your carelessness you didn’t focus on her during her growing years, our kids would have settled down. Mahima argues. Manjiri says she did her duty well. Anand says none of our kids are in any good position, look at Abhi and Parth, you have also raised Neil well. Manjiri says every child is different, has different values, when the time comes, they will make their own place. He says I can see it. Shefali says we should think of Anisha first. Parth says Kairav ​​might agree but Dadi doesn’t. Manjiri asks Mahima not to stress, Kairav ​​is sensible, he can handle everything, he will take good care of Anisha, only Akshu will take care of them. Akshu says you will be busy after surgery. Abhi says Yes, when I am done, I will get a job in surgeries. He says I’m making a bucket list. He says few things. She Jokes And Says I’m Talking About Romantic Getaways. He says we should have something new, it is not good to become a boring couple, write, we will fulfill all wishes, promise. Ties The Letter To Her Finger And Makes A Promise. She also binds the same and promises.

Everyone eats food at home. Anisha gets a call. She disconnects. Shefali asks her to speak. Anisha Says Its Nothing Imp, It’s A Cameo Role In A Show, I M Not That Desperate It Takes It. Abhi says Remember you and others should not get hurt. Aksha sees Kairav ​​and calls out. Everyone sees Goenkasse coming.


Suwarna asks Aksha to make her Bhabhi Wear The Bangles. Everyone is smiling. Manish proposes to Anish for Kairav. Everyone Sings And Dances. Badhai Ho Badhai…Playing… Everyone is happy. Akshu sees Anisha sending someone in a hurry.

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