Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2023 Written Update: Akshara tells Abhir’s truth to Abhimanyu


In today’s episode, Arohi sees Akshar’s name flashing on Abhimanyu’s mobile. He thinks why is Abhimanyu’s number with Akshara. Akshara waits for Abhimanyu’s reply. Abhimanyu demands that Arohi hand over the water bottle. Arohi stands stunned. Abhimanyu sees Akshara’s name. He tells Arohi that Abhir usually calls him from Akshara’s number. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that she doesn’t have his number either. He adds how Abhir got his emergency number. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that their wedding may be a joke to him but to Ruhi and her it is their whole world. Abhimanyu says that he too is committed to marriage and when he met Akshara last time he told him. Arohi asks Abhimanya to put the mobile on speaker so that she also knows what Abhir has to talk to him about.

Abhimanyu puts Akshar’s mobile on speaker. Akshara asks Abhimanyu why he is not getting his emergency number. He says he didn’t pick her call 6 years ago. Abhimanyu is shocked. Akshara corrects herself and tells Abhimanyu that his mother called him today. Abhimanyu asks Akshar if Abhir is fine. Akshara tells Abhimanyu that Abhir is not well and his heart is whole. She tells Abhimanyu that her son needs him. Abhimanyu stands stunned. Arohi tells Abhimanyu that they should leave immediately.

Akshara tells Goenkas and Abhinav that Abhimanyu is coming. Abhinav says nothing will happen to Abhir now. Akshara and Abhinav decide to take Abhir to the hospital. Abhimanyu thinks he shouldn’t have taken Abhira’s problem lightly when she told him. Arohi apologizes to Abhimanyu for getting insecure. Abhimanyu asks Rohan to make all arrangements. Rohan says everything is settled and Akshara will bring Abhir soon.

Manish talk to Abhinav. She asks him to come and talk whenever she needs him. Abhinav asks Manish to keep showering him with his blessings. Mainsh assures Abhinav. Suhasini, Swarna and Surekha wish Akshara, Abhinav. He prays for Abhir’s health. Akshara dreams of Abhimanyu confronting her for hiding from him about Abhir. Back to reality; Akshara asks God not to break her truth by bringing Abhir’s truth. Rohan tells Akshara that they need to move Abhir to OT. She asks Akshara to relax as Abhir is in safe hands.

Abhir to fall. Abhimanyu, Abhinav both run to save Abhir. Abhir calls father. Akshara and Abhinav fold their hand and ask Abhimanyu to take care of Abhir. Abhimanyu takes Abhir to OT. Abhir asks Abhimanyu if he is dreaming or is he real. Abhimanyu says both are real. He encourages Abhir to fight. Arohi hugs Akshara. The Goenkas are worried about Abhir. Abhir asks Abhimanyu what happened to him. [episode ends]

Introduction: Abhimanyu learns from Abhir’s doctor that the latter has survived among the twins. She doubts about Abhir.


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