Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2023 Written Update: Manjiri against Akshara


In today’s episode, Abhinav tells Akshara that since he failed to reach Abhimanyu, he tried to call Manjiri. He said Manjiri hung up. Manjiri says she is here to talk to Akshara. Akshara welcomes Manjiri. Manjiri confronts Akshara to come back to ruin Abhimanyu’s life. He claims Akshara’s respect is a lie. Manjiri says Akshara came back to spoil Abhimanyu and Arohi’s life. Akshara tells Manjiri that she is not here for Abhimanyu but for Dr. Abhimanyu. She revealed to Manjiri about Abhir’s heart problem. Manjiri remembers her moment with Abhir. Akshara tells Manjiri that she is begging in front of her to call Abhimanyu from the resort. Manjiri refuses to help Akshara. She goes out.

Akshara, Abhinav and others are shocked. Akshara cries and thinks that Manjiri will not allow Abhimanyu to do Abhir’s surgery. Abhinav tells Akshara that Manjiri didn’t help but she didn’t refuse either. Akshara says Manjiri would have called as she didn’t, so she thinks it won’t allow Abhimanyu to do Abhir’s surgery. Kairav ​​tells Akshara that Abhir is not addicted to Abhimanyu. He decides to get a better doctor for Abhir. Akshara says that Abhir and Abhimanyu’s path repeatedly crosses. He thinks that he can keep Abhir, Abhimanyu apart for long.

Confused, Manjiri sits and thinks whether she should help Akshara or not. She thinks of Abhimanya, Arohi. Abhinav talks to Abhir’s doctor. Abhir’s doctor asks Abhinav to do Abhir’s surgery soon before it is too late. He said that Abhir had traveled a long way. Akshara calls Abhinav. Abhinav asks Akshara what happened. Abhir tells Akshara that she is short of breath. Akshara asks Abhir to do breathing exercises. The Goenkas are worried about Abhir.

Abhimanyu asks Rohan if there is any emergency in the hospital and he is needed. Rohan asks Abhimanyu to enjoy his vacation. Ruhi asks Abhimanya to play with him. Arohi wishes a happy family with Abhimanyu and Ruhi. He wishes that their past would not affect their future. Kairav ​​feels helpless. Muskana console Kairav.

Anand, Mahima and Shefali ask Manjiri what happened. Manish visits the Birlas. He pleads with Manjiri to let Abhimanyu help Abhir. Manish says Abhir has less time. Anand tells Manish that he is helpless. Manish says he will wait for Manjiri’s reply.

Mahima thinks why only Abhimanyu. He says there are many other doctors. Akshara on the side of Shefali. Mahima says they can’t call Akshara home. Anand says Abhimanyu will do Abhir’s surgery in the hospital. Nishtha asks Manjiri to think about Arohi and Abhimanyu. Manjiri is confused.

Akshara, Kairav, Abhinav try to reach other doctors. Shefali informs Akshara that Manjiri has decided Abhimanyu to perform Abhir’s surgery. She told this to Akshara but they failed to reach Abhimanyu as he is on vacation. Gonekas trusts Abhimanyu. Rohan calls Akshara and asks her not to worry as they will do the best for Abhir. She shares Abhimanyu’s number with Akshara. [episode ends]

Introduction: Abhimanyu comes to know about Abhir’s heart problem. He confronts Akshara to keep Abhir away from him.


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