Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi Recalling that he saw the message on the shirt in the mirror. She takes off her shirt and reads Akshu’s message. She Thinks About Her Words. He says where is the proof…. He is worried. Parth comes and gives him Pendrive. He says this is proof of Kairav’s innocence, Akshu left his shirt and pendrive, mom got it first and hid this, she asked me to destroy the pendrive but I couldn’t, I didn’t have guts to give it Earlier you can save Kairav ​​and Manish now. Abhi wipes his tears and wears his shirt. Takes Pendrive. He Wears a Jacket. Mahima asks shall we go to police station. Abhi says No, we will take police and media to Goenka House. Rough asks Why. Abhi says we will end this drama. Mahima says we will humiliate them again. FB is ending.

Anand Says Mahima… Abhi Says Akshu, I have to talk to you, It takes time, I will arrange everything today, The drama started here and it will end here today. She turns to Mahima and says you are my tai ji and maasi, I always gave you benefit of doubt, how did you do it, Anisha left us, we were all hurt, you were angry and hurt, I understand your feelings when You have proof about Kairav’s innocence, what did you do with that proof, you hid it, you did it with all your senses, because you had to do it, send some innocent person to jail, shouted Aksha about the proof, You hid it, you forgot ethics, you doctor, it is your duty to save lives, you tried to take someone’s life, you should have learned the ethics of humanity. Thanks to Parth for providing Pendrive. He says but your mistake of hiding the proof until now cannot be forgiven. She asks Mahima She doesn’t feel guilty. He says I have proof, I took the case back, you will apologize to Kairav, Manish, Aksh and whole family. Akshu says Kairav ​​is a trauma patient because of you, Manish had to go to jail, my family lost their smile, our lives are ruined because of you, what have you done, we will feel better if you say sorry. Abhi Says Say Sorry. Manjiri says please apologize now. She asks Parth to apologize as well. Parth says I m really sorry. Abhi says your turn. Mahima says I will not apologize. He says you have to say sorry. She says I M Not Sorry, I Can Say Sorry To You, I M Sorry Abhi, But I M Not Sorry To Goenkas. He’s leaving. He says it’s not right, one proof could have solved everything, it’s all your fault, remember that. Birlas to leave. Manjiri says Forgive us from Mahima’s side. Harsh and Neil also sorry. They are also leaving. Abhi says enough anger, I want to lose and face Aksha. He sees Aksha. She remembers everything and cries. Abhi sits at Manish’s feet and apologizes.

Everyone sad. Kairav ​​hugs Abhi. He says today you have saved my entire life from destruction, thank you and also thanks to Aksha, I am saved because of you both. Abhi says I am really sorry and hugs him. Everyone is crying. Manish says you have done us a favor, we will remember it, but don’t expect anything else.

He says we can forget what happened with Kairav ​​and me but we can’t forget one thing. Abhi says I did not believe Aksha. Manish says her name is Akshara, thanks for what you did today Abhimanyu. Abhi leaves. Akshu says I will call you. Hame Tumse Pyaar Kitna….Playing…

Manjiri scolds Mahima. Mahima asks her to keep her manners. Manjiri says you should have thought of that, Kairav’s life and his family would have been ruined. He asks Partha how he can support his mom. Mahima says enough. Harsh asks What Enough, You Are Doctor, How Can You Ruin Some’s Life. Manjiri says I never differentiated between children, you couldn’t become a good mom and aunt, you don’t realize that you did a mistake, you also ruined Abhi’s life, Abhi and Akshu’s relationship got messed up because of this. Harsh says you know the crisis in his life. Mahima says no, Abhi doesn’t trust Akshua, she also left him. Manjiri says yes but we could handle it. Mahima says they will never be compatible, that’s a fact. Abhi is on his way. She waits for Akshu’s call. Mahima says I hid the proof, I lost my daughter and I know this pain, I want revenge, I wish to put Kairav ​​in jail today. Anand asks Mahima to shut up. Manjiri says Mahima couldn’t understand Anisha and Abhi, how can she understand their happiness. Mahima shouts and Raises her Hand. Manjiri holds her hand. She Says Enough, Sometimes People Mistake Silence For Weakness, It Gets Imp To Clear The Misunderstanding, Now I Won’t Stay Quiet. Abhi returns home and sees the family.


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