Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi talks to Shivansh. He says I don’t want to go to Jaipur. She resembles Aksha. He asks what should I do, tell me. Kairav ​​explains to Aksha and asks her to go to Jaipur. He says destiny called you there, I will pray Abhi is the reason, just see him once. Abhi says Ok I will go to Jaipur, happy now. Akshu makes some cards for Abhi. He imagines Him. Dil Se Re… Playing… She runs to him. She gets tangled up in the curtains. Abhi sees the cards. She cries and runs to Aksh. They both run towards each other. She hugs him. It disappears. He turns around in shock. She wakes up from a dream. Abhira sees pictures on the wall. She Says I M Also Eager To Give You Answers, This Event Is Standing As Wall Between Them, I M Ready To Wth Event And Break This Wall.

He says our love will make me win this event and set me free from all boundaries then no one can stop me from coming to you I will hug you and cry you can get angry but I won’t leave you Ask me why I am he did Abhi is Sleeping. He asks Aksha why she did this. He says I can tolerate everything, you have some answer. He says I am ready to give you answer to every question. She thinks of him and cries. She says I M Dying To Meet You, I Feel Tensed. Abhi says I Want The Answers, Just Meet Me Once to Aksha. She says I’m Coming, Wait For Me. She kisses his picture. She drinks water. She says I have to win the finals of this event to get back to my love. They both sit and meditate.

It is morning, Abhi gets Shivansh. Anand Says Our Kanhaiya Has Come. Manjiri says our Krishna has Bal Gopal. Parth And Shefali Come. Parth wishes Nishta. She says Sorry, we were not there, she was busy and I fell asleep. Nishta says its fine, our cutie pie was there. Parth says you are spoiling the child, Shefali will be busy and I will be in trouble. Anand Says Its Karma, Harsh Also Spoiled You And Anisha. Mahima says what did my children do that Kairav ​​and Akshu ruined our lives and ran away. Akshu says we have visa. Kairav ​​says no. She says its time we are going to India. Abhi says I have to go to Jaipur tonight, its Imp for Shefali, I will not be there for Puja. Parth asks Shefali not to go. Anand asks Shefali to go to work. Mahima asks Shefali to spend time with the baby. Shefali says I will not go to Jaipur and spend time with Shivansh. Mahima asks Abhi to get justice for Anisha. He says we should get them punished. Akshu says I will win the competition and go to meet Abhi, he will fight the world for you.

Abhi Says No One Can Save Kairav ​​From Me, I Miss Anisha, Don’t Hurt Me, Don’t Test If I Feel Hurt Or Not, I Feel Hurt. Akshu says he will understand me, he supported me when I met you, we will get proof in your favor and prove you innocent, he understands my heartbeat. Abhi says if I get any news about Kairav, I will become bad news for him. Kairav ​​says Tell him the truth, don’t worry about me, just think about Abhi. Abhi says if Kairav ​​and his sister come in front of me then something bad will happen to them.

Akshu says I have hope, everything will be fine, just pray I meet him, there is magic in Jaipur. She closes her eyes and says Abhi… Kairav ​​says all the best Aksha, I wish your wait ends soon. Abhi says my pain is double your pain. He puts on his headphones and closes his eyes. Akshu Says I M Coming To Jaipur, Abhi, You Are Basis Of My Life, When I Reach There, I M Sure You Will Meet Me There. Abhi leaves. He cleans his bike. He trips. Akshu also stumbles. She sees the time of angels. He says I have learned to cope without you. He leaves in anger. The girls see him and tease him saying Oye Hoye. He asks them never to say that again. Abhi shouts Oye Hoye and opens his arms, standing at the end of the cliff. Abhi is riding a bike. Akshu says your Akshu is coming to you Abhi.

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Akshu comes to Jaipur. He thinks he will wait some time. Abhi also reaches there with Shefali, Path and Shivansh.


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