Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi told everyone about the villagers feeding him lots of food. Manjiri says I will prepare the food. Abhi says I am always ready for this. Mahima calls the inspector to ask about Kairav. Anand scolds the Servant. Nishta says Abhi gave me best birthday by coming here. Abhi asks for cake. Maaya asks Aksha to have cake. Akshu says no, I have to sing there. Maaya says Don’t eat, I have to win finals. Maaya Feeds Cake to Kunal. She says I love India, I am so excited. Akshu Thinks Kairav ​​Likes This Cake A Lot. Nishti asks Anand for a gift. Anand gives her the car and hugs her. Abhi and Neil ask her to drop them. Anand asks Why. He says I want to drive. Abhi says everyone should know driving and swimming. Nishta hugs him and thanks him. Mahima says it is good, you are getting involved in your sister’s life, I understand, it is a big loss. Harsh comes and says we have to try to match. Mahima says Yes, your wife is not with you, even then you can see your wife and son, I can’t see my daughter. Manjiri says we will celebrate Nishta’s birthday today. Anand asks Harsh to come. Rough Nishta Wishes And Gives A Gift. Nishta thanks him. Anand asks the servant to get coffee for the rough. Harsh asks How Are You Abhi, Its Been Long. Abhi Signs Good. Harsh questions his mind. Abhi smiles and goes to Nishta. Nishta says I will learn soon, I don’t want to become a loser. Abhi jokes and laughs. Manjiri says that when someone laughs a lot, it means they are crying inside. Abhi says yes and hugs her. She is crying.

Akshu gets a cake for Kairav ​​and feeds him. He is smiling. He sees the image he created. He says it is beautiful, I will write something on it. A girl comes and says I want a card for my husband, he is in India, I am here on a business trip, write something I really miss. Akshu is sad. He writes some poetry Thinking Of Abhi. She gives it to the girl. A girl reads it and says Wow, that’s perfect, you wrote it with feeling, you thought of someone, anyway, thanks. He pays for the card and leaves. Akshu cries. Kairav ​​looks on.

Abhi comes to his room thinking about Aksha. Shefali comes and asks for his favor. He says Tell me, I’ll just go. He says you always want a reason to leave home. He says no. She asks him to go to Jaipur and also do her boss’ surgery, it will be good for her promotion. Will send him event details. Kunal sends event details to Akshu. Aksha sees Kairav. Abhi says I will find out and tell you. Shefali says your answer should be yes thanks. She is going. Akshu says I have to go. Abhi says a person runs once but another relative always runs because of that person. Mahima stops Abhi and asks if he remembers any clue where Akshu is. Abhi says it is a year now, either believe me or keep asking, I wouldn’t have told you if I knew. Anand says its fine Abhi. Mahima says Abhi would know about his Aksha. Abhi Wears Headphones And Leaves.

He goes to his room. Din Dhal Jaye… Yaad Sataye… He is sad. Akshu sees Abhira’s pictures. She Applies Sindoor And Weeps. Akshu says I wish our memories become true again. Manjiri comes and holds Abhi. He says I m fine don’t worry. He says I see, we both loved her a lot and she left us, we hate the person we love the most, I hate her for leaving you. He asks her to come down. She says it wouldn’t be easy for her either. He says it’s time for your therapy. He says yes. He goes and talks to the doctor, Dr. Shivaansh Birla. He Sees A Little Child And Plays With Him. He asks I missed you Baby. She hugs the baby. Kairav ​​gets scared from a nightmare. Akshu calms him down. He says I didn’t do anything yet they caught me. He asks what will you do when you meet Abhi before the event. He worries.

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Abhi and family celebrate Janmashtami. Aksha shows her visa. Abhi says I have to go to Jaipur tonight, I am the one who wants to find them first. Akshu talks to Kairav.


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