Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi recalling Akshu’s words. Says proof…. He goes to Manjiri. She asks: Can someone be right and be wrong, I was wrong, Or I was wrong, I should have understood her, I broke her trust, She trusted me to believe her when she came and hugged me, I couldn’t talk to you, you were in a coma Manjiri says please calm down, past is past, we can’t do anything about it, we can’t change it, you will forget her, end this matter here, Akshu was your past, your divorce papers will be stamped, just move on. He asks what are you saying, do you think I will do the opposite, I want clarity. She says you need yourself, you have to deal with this mess yourself. Abhi and Akshu call each other and are busy.

Akshu says I really left the proof in your room, please try to find it. Abhi says if she said she left the proof, then it will be there, I will find it. Shefali gets a blanket for Shivansh. She gets another one for Abhi. Abhi looks for proof. She asks, is there any raid going on, what are you looking for. He says I see if there is anything to discard. She says your blanket went to dry cleaning, you use this one. He thanks her and leaves. That’s where the Pendrive falls. Parth gets Pendrive and says it has proof how it got here. Abhi says where is the proof. He also checks his room. He says maybe he misplaced it, someone else would have got it, my family is not one to erase or hide proof. He can’t see the shirt. Manish says I want to have last dinner with everyone, I will be positive, my kids are grown up, they make their own decisions,

I want to take good memories with me, let’s start, I am not a bad cook, What happened, please start. Akshu Thanks Kanha. He says we are lucky to sit and have dinner together, please keep us together. Parth gives Pendrive to Mahima. Mahima says I hid it in the blanket, where did it go. He says I don’t know. He says there is a white shirt in that blanket, we have to find out or they will catch us. Parth says we did a mistake, truth will come out, it is time, one truth is enough to prove a hundred lies wrong. Abhi gets the shirt and keeps it in the cupboard. Aksha sees everyone sad. She gets her guitar. He asks them not to lose until the results come. He says we will not lose, we will speak well and think well, who knows, it is true. She sings life is beautiful. She encourages them.

It is morning, Akshu is praying. Abhi Wears Shirt. Akshu says Just You Can Bring The Truth Out, Please Kanha. Abhi finds a torn button and gets a white shirt. He doesn’t see the message and carries it. He leaves his room. Akshu sees the family sad. He prays to Kanha Ji. Servant takes huge mirror. Abhi stops him and goes. Suwarna says its time to go to police station. Aarohi is sad. Dadi says Suwarna went against Manish to support you, always remember that, Akshu is also worried that your relationship with Neil is not right, don’t do anything, don’t break Suwarna’s trust, time to go to police station. Dadi Feeds The Curd To Manish and says we don’t lose hope. Aarohi asks Aksha about the chances, what did the lawyer say. Akshu does not sign anything.

She goes and prays for a miracle. She sees Abhi at the door. Akshu asks why did you come here, you want to hold a press conference and false accusation. The police are coming. Suwarna asks why did he call them here. Abhi asks the media to enter. Akhilesh says he will do drama again. Aksha reminisces. Birlas Come on. Akshu says we came to police station, what was the need to do this drama, what do you want.

Abhi takes off his jacket. Everyone sees the message written on their back. Mahima thinks how did he get this shirt. Parth looks at her. Akshu is happy. Abhi says Last Time, I Have Call You All To Get Kairav ​​​​Arrested, This Time, I Call You To say that Kairav ​​​​is Innocent. Mahima asks what. Abhi says all the blames on Kairav ​​and Manish are false, so we are withdrawing our case. Akshu and Goenkas cry happily. Inspector says you can’t take back that case just like that, it’s a Kairava murder case and Manish is accused of supporting him, do you have proof? Abhi shows Pendrive.

He says this proves that Kairav ​​is innocent. Playing Video In Laptop. Abhi says this video proves that Anisha slipped, Kaiav didn’t pressure her, he asked her to come down and media got the latest news, law has proof, I request media to write truth, I request law Support Truth, you can leave. He gives the pendrive to the inspector. Police And Media Leave. Akshu says I left this proof in your room where it was till now. Abhi says you were always right, I did not get proof then, today it came to me.


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