Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Akshu remembers Kunal and says we will get your fake passport and identity. They think I will also make another duplicate passport, you will not know about it. FB is ending. Akshu leaves. Abhi wakes up. Coming From Camp. Bathe in the river. He is dressing up. Safarnama….Playing…. He leaves on a bicycle. He reaches somewhere and meets children. He says I have come. The couple asks are you ok. Abhi Says Yes, I Got More Fae See You All. He gives the kids candy and says we’ll start the medicine. Akshu goes to meet someone and says Surprise, I have items to make Kachoris, where are you. She looks everywhere.

Abhi checks the patients. He treats them. The man says you are a magician, not a doctor. Abhi says magic is in mom’s lap, don’t worry, baby will be fine. Aksha goes to find Kairav. He hides his face and goes somewhere. Abhi Turns on his phone. He gets Manjiri’s call. He talks to her. He says Nishta wants you to come home, you know the reason. He says I can try but I can’t commit, I will talk to you later, I am able to live again. She asks him not to lie. He ends the call and says I can only lie to myself. He is smiling.

Kairava worries. Everyone calls him a murderer. Kairav ​​says I didn’t do anything, it’s just my illusion. People see him and laugh. Akshu comes. She thinks that Kairav’s health is not good, he is afraid to go in crowd, he thinks that someone will shut him down. She Goes To Console Kairav. He says I am with you, I am not going anywhere.

She scolds people for laughing at Kairav. He says life is unpredictable, anything can happen to anyone, please behave, don’t pretend. He asks Kairav ​​to come home. She sings to calm him down. She thinks Abhi would think that I left him and ran away with Kairav, I chose family, no I left Abhi for him, I agreed with Kunal, I’m sorry I can’t leave Kairav ​​and come to you . She’s Taking Him Home. Abhi talks to Neil. He says you have become Harsh’s puppet. Neil Jokes. He asks when are you coming home, Nishta wants you here. Abhi says I will block your number. Neil asks why are you spoiling your life, come home, it is Ganpati time, come home for some time. Abhi says I don’t like my room, house and city, you know. Bhulado Saare Gham… Acting.

Akshu asks why did you go out without me. Kairav ​​says I was scared, I had a bad dream, I fell from a cliff in a closed tunnel. She asks him to take medicine. He says that when you are well, you can leave the house without fear. He says I don’t want to meet anyone, my family needed me and I ran away. She pacifies him and asks him to face his fear. He asks why are you running away from your family, sorry, I saw the message on your phone why you are not going. She says no, I will not leave you, you spent your childhood raising Aarohi and me, I am not good like you, but I will try to be better, so I will not come back. He asks her to go.

She says No, you start shaking in a closed room. He shows his steady hand and says I’m not shaking, just go, I’ll be happy. He hides his other hand, which is shaking. Abhi goes to buy noodles. He sees Methi Dan and remembers Aksha. A man comes to buy Pau and Methi Dana, his Imp for health. Abhi texts Neil and asks him to come home. Abhi leaves.

Maaya is crying. Kunal says Don’t scream. He says you promised me, you will fulfill my dream. She argues with him. He hugs her and cries. She says my dream has broken again. Akshu comes with smiley Kachoris.

He says Break The Kachoris And Eat, Don’t Break The Dream, Congrats, Your Dream Got Fullfilled. Maaya really asks. Kunal asks are you ready to come to Jaipur. Akshu says I will sing for you in the finale. Maaya hugs her. Akshu thinks I can’t go home. Mahima asks Nishta to cut the cake. Anand asks what Nishta wants to make her happy. Manjiri says she will not come, cut the cake, come. Nishta refuses. Abhi comes and asks her to wish. He gets a cake for her. He sings a birthday song. He Goes And Hugs Her. He gives the gift. He meets and hugs everyone. They celebrate. Maaya also celebrates and hugs Kunal.

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Manjiri says Akshu left you, I hate her. Akshu says I can’t leave you and go. Kairav ​​asks her to go, fate has called her. Abhi says Ok, I will go to Jaipur.


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