Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Maaya asks Aksha not to go and listen to her song. Akshu says Ok. Maaya thanks her. The song plays at the event. Abhi Doesn’t Hear Akshu’s Piya Tose… He puts on headphones. Maaya sees Abhi and calls him handsome. Akshu thinks about Abhi. Kunal turns and doesn’t see Abhi. Maaya says this is not. The lady says the Ultimate Power Challenge round, let’s see who can stand upside down on one hand. Maaya asks them to just see, it is so cool and hot. Abhi copes. Maaya praises him. Akshu stumbles. She sees Abhi On Screen. Tum Kahan Hum Kahan…..Playing…. She is crying. Kunal also sees Abhi on screen. He sees Aksha crying. Abhi wins the round.

He turns off the TV. He asks Maaya why they are doing all this for her to win a music award, her song should be in the Buster chart, this is not being done to give rights to the song to anyone. Maaya Says I’m Doing This For The Music Award. She gives the envelope. He checks and is shocked that the venue of the awards is Jaipur.

Abhi is declared the winner. The reporter asks him about his wife Akshara. Abhi does not say any personal questions. The reporter taunts him that he is running away as if his wife ran away and left him. Abhi beats him and does not say any personal questions. He writes him a prescription. The lady asks him to accept the trophy. Abhi says I am not doing this for trophy but for my pain. He’s leaving. He is riding a bicycle somewhere. Bhulaado Saare Gham…Playing… Akshu says I saw you after a year, you are still very handsome, you started doing surgeries again, I m glad you are looking good with new hair style. He says you have right to be angry with me, I have right to tell you truth and convince you, we will unite, you can hate me all you want but then we will win, please I will be back soon, I promise, don’t forget. Kunal comes and gives her papers. On Says This Time, Mauritius Music Gala Finale is in India, that too in Jaipur. She remembers Abhi. He says your voice will reach Udaipur, we can’t go there, how can I explain Maaya.

She says you remember I told you something when I was leaving Udaipur, when hearts are close, none can separate them, my voice hits Abhi. Kunal says I have given everything for this music album, Maaya is waiting for this day, it is a big risk, but if we don’t go, Maaya will be heartbroken, she can do anything, logic doesn’t work, we have to go to India with her, we have no choice, I have to find some way it will be good for you I know there is a chance you will get your Abhi there.

He says no, I can’t go to India now. He asks what, once you sing and Maaya gets this award, our deal is over, you can go back to Abhi, Don’t You Want To Return. He says you don’t understand, sorry, I am not ready. She says you are afraid that Abhi might not forgive you, that you would forgive him easily, why won’t he forgive you, maybe you don’t trust your love or Abhi. He says we don’t need your special comment, I can’t come to India right now. She goes and cries. Abhi Is On An Adventure. He spends some time alone, camping on the river bank and thinking about Aksha.

Akshu Is In Market Area. She thinks I had no other option but to agree with Kunal. FB shows Aksha meeting Abhi and crying. She says I have to leave to meet you with your first love, I’m sorry I won’t be here with you when you need me during your recovery, I’ll always love you. She hugs him and sings Lag Jaa Gale… She asks him not to forget her. FB is ending. Akshu cries.

Front lid:
Aksha congratulates Maaya. Kunal asks are you ready to come to Jaipur. She says I will sing for Maaya and hugs her. Abhi says I don’t like my room. Aksha is seen somewhere.


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