Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Akshu says I can’t allow this. They see Akhilesh assuring the businessmen that their investment will be safe. He says everything will be sorted out, I guarantee it, give us some time please. The men leave. Akhilesh sits and cries. Akshu holds him. She Ass Him To Cry, One Should Cry And Flow Out The Pain, When Tears End, Then Courage Gets Bind, Kairav ​​And Manish Aren’t Here, We Will Face Any Situation Together. Dadi gives water to Akhilesh. Suwarna says we didn’t expect this from Birla family, especially Abhi. Abhi sees the video. She says I didn’t do it with Manish, I don’t know what she is going through, I wish I was there. He asks her to say something. Neil says Abhi and Akshu are suffering. Shefali says Akshu would have come if she knew about Manjiri. Neil says yes, Abhi asked us not to tell her but someone else will tell from our side. Akshu And Akhilesh See Kairav ​​At Police Station. They ask the lawyer to do something. Abhi gets a message from Birla Hospital. He sees Manjiri’s picture and worries. She reads Manjiri is in coma, she needs your music therapy, please come soon and help. Akhilesh asks Aksha are you coming with us. Aksha sees Manish and goes with Akhilesh. He thinks I can’t ignore Manjiri. Abhi comes there and sees Manish. She says I can’t ignore Manish. He asks Can we talk in private. Constable says only 5 minutes. Abhi says Kairav ​​will be punished for his mistake, not you, I won’t let you do it here. Manish says I don’t want your favor, my self respect is Imp. She scolds Abhi. He says it is better that I die here. Abhi says I am not that bad. Manish says you are not my son, you can’t be my son, it hurts me to think of that moment when I made you my son, I can’t spend 2 minutes with you. He goes. Akshu meets Manjiri. He says you’ll be fine. Mahima comes and sees her. She scolds Akshu. He asks her to get out. Akshu says I will not go. Sung by Piya Tose…. Leaves of Mahima. Abhi comes to hospital. He hears Aksha and comes inside the ward. He asks her to leave.

She says I can’t leave mom and go. He asks why, you know how to leave and go. He says I didn’t know mom is in coma. He says I didn’t know about you too. She says I came to meet her. He says you were busy saving your brother, I don’t want to hear your song, I won’t let mummy hear your song, I don’t want to hear your voice, please go away. The nurse comes in and says I have to change Madam’s Drip. Abhi goes out. Akshu says you don’t want to see my face, close your eyes but you have to listen to my voice and words. He’s leaving. Dadi gets food for Kairav ​​and calms him down.

He asks how Akshu is. She says she would be crying inside, she would be hurt. She says if Abhi knew her truth then this wouldn’t have happened. She asks what is true, Kairav, tell me. Abhi returns home. Everyone is discussing hospital matters. Abhi starts eating snacks. Everyone is looking at Him. Neil asks mom fine. Abhi nods. Neil asks are you fine, is everything fine. Abhi says everything is fine. Akshu returns home. Abhi says Ask Her To Get Lost. She asks how dare you tell me this. Mahima asks her to leave, this is no place to come. Akshu says you hate my voice, you used to love my voice before, if you have right to say that, then I also have right, listen to me. Mahima says No, nobody wants to listen to you, get lost. Akshu says Abhi you are getting a tattoo on your hand that I cheated you what did you do I came before you after a year you satisfied your ego and said bye when I tried to explain you played Dhol to suppress my voice , you didn’t ask me anything and you didn’t give me a chance to say, you started doing Tandav when you didn’t get the proof, we are related to Kairav ​​and Anisha but we also have Relation, have you forgotten everything? She scolds him. He says you were here with everyone, I was there alone, you didn’t ask me where I was, how I was, you didn’t see anything else except yourself.

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Abhi asks what is your contribution in our relationship. Dadi Comes And Says I Will Tell You, Kunal has a condition before Aksha that she sings for Maaya for one year, Abhi was the reason for Aksha. Abhi stops Dadi.


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