Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Aksha singing Tere Mere Darmiyaan… In the recording studio. Kunal signs thumbs up to Aksha. He leaves from there. Aksha Is Seen In Mauritius After A Year. Akshu thinks I am writing a letter to Abhi, Abhi wanted me to become a famous singer, I am becoming but there is a big condition. He sees Maaya’s Banner. He thinks that I am ready to fulfill any condition for you, because there is no other condition than love, you would like to know where I am, I am well, my food is on time, but he lacks taste. It reminds of His Words. She Says I M Living Without A Heart, It’s A Year Today, I Left My Heart With You. She speaks to him from the heart. She promises Abhi that the Night of their love story will bring a beautiful morning for them. She thinks we are apart because of our decision but you will always be there with me, I miss you Abhi.

She Throws The Letters Down The Cliff And Wishes Abhi Happy Good Bye Anniversary. He shouts Oye…. Crying Standing At The End Of A Cliff.

Abhi is seen in the Iron Man Champion competition as one of the finalists. People cheer for him. He takes off his shirt. The lady asks his mantra to make it to the top. Abhi says I am a surgeon so I can say success of doctor depends on patient’s willpower along with doctor’s efforts, heart which has someone’s memories doesn’t lose. Everyone is rooting for him. The lady announced a round of wood chopping. It starts with Abhi. Abhi wears headphones. He starts cutting the Wooden Log. He is angry. FB shows Abhi waking up after surgery looking for Aksha. She shouts No, my Akshu can never leave me and go. He sees a video of Aksha taking Kairav ​​with her. FB is ending. Abhi vents his anger. FB shows Abhi Crying saying you chose your family between our love and family. FB is ending. Cuts Wood. He sees a bracelet in his hand. He wins the round. Everyone applauds him. Maaya is seen singing to try and lip sync on Akshu’s Song. She stops. Akshu asks what happened. Maaya Says I Can’t Do This, I M Really Scared, What I Do In Front Of The Real Crowd. Akshu says its fine, you are scared as you are affected. Maaya says you are really beautiful, I can’t thank you. Akshu asks her to hug her tightly. Kunal returns home and hugs Maay. He gets ice cream for her. Maaya thanks and hugs her. She Says My Life Is Set, I Can Have Icecream As Much As I Want, My Songs Are Getting Recorded, Sorry Akshu, I Can’t Offer This To You, You Have Some Coffee. Kunal recalls his words. Maaya says my song will play at the event, I am so excited.

Abhi is in the next lap pulling the jeep. The lady says I wonder what music is playing in his headphones he is so focused. His headphones fall off. She checks and says there’s no music, it’s just noise. He asks her not to try to understand him. He recalls how Neil asked him to hire a private detective to find Kairav ​​and Aksha. Abhi says she didn’t leave any trace, why will I find her if she doesn’t want to. Harsh calls him to the hospital to get checked. Abhi says my hand is fine. Harsh says yes but your mind is not right, you are not coming to hospital for work. Abhi Says Its My Problem That I Don’t Forget Things, I M Going To A Party, One Don’t Need A Reason To Stay Alive And Party. He’s leaving. The man asks Abhi to save her daughter like last time. Abhi asks nurse to prepare OT. Harsh Looks On. Abhi goes to run the girl. She remembers Akshu’s words.

He plays some noise to distract and perform the operation. FB is ending. Abhi wins this round too. Maaya says Wifi doesn’t work anywhere. Abhi drinks some water. The lady says that we have some fun for the contestants, thanks to our organizers, some singers will come before you, we will play their songs, we will support new talents. Maaya says it is connected. He sees the Iron Man competition. Maaya says yes, why would my romantic song play in this event, what is happening. Aksha and Kunal do not see Abhi. Maaya says we will take selfie. Abhi Is Seen On Screen. Tujhse Rooh Daariyaan…Playing….

Front lid:
Kunal says the Mauritian music gala finale is in India and also in Jaipur. Aksha worries. The reporter asks Abhi about his wife. Abhi punches him.


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