Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th March 2023 Written Update: Abhir hides about his health condition from Akshara


In today’s episode, Abhinav spots Akshara. He begs God not to wake up from his dream. Akshara asks Abhinav about the dream. Abhinav hesitates to share the dream. He also decides not to be afraid of his own wife. Abhinav tells Akshara that she always looks good but today she looks more beautiful says Akshara because she wore the saree he gave her. Abhinav is happy.

Nishtha praises Arohi. Arohi promotes radiant skin. He calls her from the hospital. Swarna asks Arohi not to do any work today. Suhasini praises Arohi and says that she has seen many ups and downs in life. She is happy for Arohi. Surekha asks Arohi and Suhasini not to cry. She further asks Arohi not to cry or else her makeup will come off and Abhimanyu will get scared. Manish stops at the door and sees Arohi with Suhaisni, Swarna and Surekha.

Ruhi fixes Abhimanyu’s hair. She asks him to look nice as the images come back to her mind. Anand tells Manjiri to call Arohi in the room as Abhimanyu will head down and will be wearing the ring. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu if he is ready. Abhimanyu says he is ready. He looks in the mirror and says he is ready. Manjiri asks Abhimanya to come early as panditji is waiting.

Akshara prepares for worship. Abhir tells Akshara that his pants are loose. Akshara fixes Abhir’s clothes. She asks Abhir about Abhinav. Abhir says he is also looking for Abhinav. Neelima comes with fruits. Akshara thinks Abhiav is still in doubt so he leaves. She is worried about Abhinav. Neelima asks Akshara if something happened. Akshara is worried about Abhinav.

Muskaan asks Kairav ​​to give him the scarf sent by Neelima. Kairav ​​says he was missing. Muskaan lectures Kairav ​​about emotions. He asks Kairav ​​to find the scarf and return. Elsewhere, Abhinav returns. She tells Akshara that she is the owner of the house. Akshara cries happily.

The Goenkas and Birlas gather to celebrate Abhimanya, Arohi’s engagement. Akshara and Abhinav sit to worship. Panditji asks Abhinav to decorate Akshara as a bride. Abhimanyu promises Arohi that he will always respect her and support her. Arohi and Abhimanyu exchange the ring. Muskaan says to Abhimanyu, Arohi looks good together. Surekha says there is no love in their relationship. Suhasini warns Surekha.

Abhinav put the chain around his neck and filled Akshar’s hairline with vermilion. [episode ends]

Introduction: Abhimanyu is waiting for an update on Abhira’s health. He finds out that Abhir has a football match. Abhir wins the match. He passes out while playing a match. Akshara and Abhinav rush Abhir to the hospital.


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