Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi receives Dadi’s wish and thanks her back. Akshu says I will go to meet Kairav ​​if he contacts me. Abhi asks will you leave me and go. She says no, I will go back to you. Harsh says we can’t afford any carelessness. Akshu sings Ek Manna Tha Mere Pass… She prepares Abhi for surgery. Rohan comes and asks Abhi to come. Akshu says I will meet you here, I am waiting for you, I promise. Abhi nods. He is lying on a stretcher. Everyone wishes him the best. Akshu And Abhi Make Heart Sign For Each Other. Abhi’s surgery begins. Everyone stays outside and prays.

Abhi cries and thinks of Kairav. He says I can’t lose Kairav. He sees Dr. Kunala outside. He says he might be getting ready for surgery. She goes to Him. She says Abhi is in OT, please come. Kunal says Maaya is my sister, my family, we have no one else. She Says Sorry, We Will Talk About It Later, Please Come, You Are Forgetting Abhi’s Present, Abhi And Team Are Waiting, Come. Abhi says I can do it. Akshu asks Kunal to come. Kunal just talks about Maaya. Akshu cries. Kunal says music was everything for Maaya, you can understand. Abhi hears the doctor’s instructions and smiles.

Kunal says when you sing and heal people, music is worship, it was the same for Maaya. He says your sister is fine, right, just deal with it and come for surgery, please, things are going wrong. Kunal says I did the biggest mistake of my life, Maaya wanted to become a singer, music was her support system, I grabbed her dream, I feel guilty seeing your family supporting you, I broke her dreams. She thinks she will take Kunal to Abhi somehow. Abhi gets an injection. She Pleads And asks Kunal to go for surgery.

He says sorry for whatever happened, please come. Kunal shouts I won’t go and do your husband’s surgery till I finish my word, I’m sorry, I’m not like that, I don’t know what happened to me, I never did, I’m helpless like you are helpless, Maaya has a pain In her throat I ignored her, I was busy with my work, the matter became serious, we had to rush her to the hospital, she could not speak, there was no doctor and I had to go for surgery. Abhi thinks about Akshu’s words. Kunal says I had 100% success rate before but my hands couldn’t treat my sister, my experience and work didn’t help me, then Maaya couldn’t sing her whole life, her dream was broken forever. She says I am sorry. She says I should be sorry, her dream broke because of me, she lost hope in her life, she tried to commit suicide. She asks if she… He says No, she’s fine. He says don’t worry, he will be completely fine, I feel bad but we can’t delay it anymore, I lost my parents, My brother is in a different situation, My Abhi is waiting for you in SZ, everything depends on You. Abhi Thinks Of Aksha And Closes His Eyes. Akshu asks Kunal to come soon and save him.

He says forget your sister for some time and think about Abhi, save him. He says my situation was same when Maaya was in SZ. She says Abhi’s life depends on his hand. She says Maaya’s life depends on music, I can do anything for her, I don’t know if I am saying this right or not. She asks what.

He says people cannot become Lord because Lord is not selfish, people become selfish, I am human. She asks what you want to say. He says I will do your husband’s surgery but there is a condition. He asks what the conditions are. He says you have to give some time from your life to give new life to my sister and fulfill her dream. She asks what are you thinking. He says you have to give your vote to my sister. She gets a shock. She says you have to sing for her, it will be your voice but her face, you have to name your life to her. She asks what are you saying. He says it’s only a matter of time. She says Fine, I will sing for your sister, when Abhi is fine, I will tell him. He says no, you can’t tell him or anyone else. He asks why what are you saying. She says we don’t have much time, after surgery you have to come with me, say yes, you love Abhi, right, then do it for him, prove you love your husband.

She scolds him. He says I respect this profession, so I will spare you, your degree saved you, else you can’t imagine what me and my family would do to you, you really deserve it, I won’t leave my husband, go from here , Do your work.

Front lid:
Abhi gets Akshu’s note and shouts Akshu. After one year, Abhi is seen at a party. He says I will ask you why you came into my life when we meet again. He hears Akshu’s voice and goes to the stage. He’s seeing someone else.


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