Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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He harshly asks Neil to just talk. Neil says Abhi and Akshu don’t understand my love. Abhi Says I Worry For You, I Didn’t Forget What is Aarohi and What He Can Do For Her Motive. Neil Says I Wish You Could Forget The Past And Accept Her Change, She Didn’t Wet To New York And Came Here To Reject The Offer. Abhi says she came here and let brothers fight, she could have told you privately. Neil says you don’t want me to get my love. Abhi says I don’t want same thing to happen to you what happened to me. Neil says you don’t know what I can do if I don’t get my love. Abhi asks what are you saying. Neil says if you don’t accept Aarohi And My Love then a lot will go wrong Sorry I Can’t Stop Myself. Abhi says you are not listening to me, but don’t doubt my intentions, I love you, I am worried about you. Neil says: Stop worrying about me, step aside and let me get my share of the sun, I don’t want to get behind your shadow. Everyone is worried. Akshu gives medicine to Manish. He refuses. She asks him to take it. He takes medicine. Akhilesh says Don’t Punish Yourself For Aarohi’s Mistake, Let Her Come, We will ask her what’s going on.

Suwarna says we shouldn’t judge them. Akshu Says Sorry, I Spoke To Akshu, I Don’t Think Aarohi Loves Neil. Aarohi comes and shouts Oh, any other expert comment, Akshu? Abhi cries and talks to Shivansh about Neil.

She says I can’t let the same happen with Neil, remember you don’t, don’t ask me to take care of you. Aarohi asks can’t you see my happiness, you are jealous of me. Akshu asks her to stop nonsense. Aarohi argues. He asks why are you coming into my affairs, what is your relationship with them. Akshu says you have no sense to understand my relation with them. Manish is shouting enough, stop it. Dadi asks them not to fight. Aarohi says Think of my happiness once. He takes Neil’s call. She sends a voice note. He says you can’t fight with your family, I can’t tolerate this pain, I want to end this pain forever. Neil says what not Aarohi. Turns off the phone. He calls Ji. Aarohi says I have to push Neil to do something big. Neil sees the truck coming and moves the steering. He meets with an accident. Akshu is around. She runs to see. Shouting Neil. Rohan checks on Neil at the hospital. She asks Rohan to treat Neil. Rohan says I will get stick. Akshu hears Aarohi’s recording. Neil says don’t do anything Aarohi. Akshu asks Rohan to take care of Neil. Rohan says I called Abhi, he would come. She runs. Abhi sees Aksha with blood stains on her hand. He sees Neil. Harsh asks when he got unconscious. Rohan says calm down, his tests are normal, he was brought here on time. Harsh asks who brought him here. Abhi tells Aksha, she saves everyone when needed. Akshu rushes to Aarohi’s room.

He sees Aarohi hearing music and takes off her headphones. Aarohi scolds her. Akshu takes her. Dadi asks what happened. Akshu says I told you all, Aarohi may like Neil but not love, what voice notes you sent him, you sent him suicide notes, he tensed and met with an accident, you listened to music and slept, he is unconscious in the HOSPITAL. Aarohi says I didn’t threaten him, I shared my suicidal thoughts, I was getting depressed thoughts, so I took anti depression pills, I talked to Neil and felt good, that moment is gone, I feel anxious, I don’t know what Mental disorder happened. . Akshu claps and says you did it, I told you, Neil is unconscious there, you are talking about you, you didn’t ask about Neil, if you loved him then you would have run to him, you are a doctor and told him Symptoms of depression to support your fake story, you think of no one but yourself. Aarohi Says You All Think I Have No Emotions, I didn’t Know About Neil’s Accident, Akshu Wasted My Time, I M Going To Meet Neil. Aarohi meets Neil. He asks the doctor about Neil. He says he is recovering. She asks him to update her. He asks if Mahima came. She says Yes, she left. Aarohi sends an audio message to Mahima, I will always be on your side, you can trust me. Manjiri hears Anand and Mahima talking about Neil’s accident. She asks what happened to Neil, why no one tells me. Mahima says Neil is fine, nothing happened to him. Manjiri asks how this happened. He says we should tell Manjiri everything, she has right to know. Mahima tells her everything.

Harsh says if Akshu didn’t get Neil at the right time, then I don’t know what would have happened, I was glad to hear what you said about Akshu, I realized it late, whatever you achieve in life, money, status and Success, it doesn’t give you stability, only lady luck gives it, only a lady can balance her family, like Aksha. Abhi remembers Aksha.


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