Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi recalling Mahima’s words. Akshu Leaves Thinking Kairav ​​Needs Me There and Abhi Needs Me Here. She is praying. He hears rough and Anand talking about Abhi’s Surgery. She thinks that she will go and get Kairav, it is better not to say anything than to lie. Abhi sees Aksha rushing somewhere. Akshu comes to meet Kairav. She looks for him and calls him out. Abhi looks at her and remembers her words. Akshu prays and says Kanha Ji, give me strength to convince Kairav, maybe he believes in his innocence. She calls him out. Kairav ​​sees Abhi behind her and stops. She says why did you get Abhi, she thinks I killed Anisha, she calls police. Akshu prays. She turns to see Abhi.

He says you promised me, you will tell me about Kairav, you have proved that you will always choose your family. He asks why did you come here, just go, when Kairav ​​sees you, he will run away. Kairav ​​is running. He says Trust me, I came here to talk to him and get him back, he is innocent, he can’t keep running, I came here to make him surrender, just go, he is scared, he is getting punished, we should respect his honesty, he is heartbroken, he didn’t say a word against Anish to hurt your family, he’s really good, don’t get him wrong. He says I believe your every word, call Kairav ​​and ask him to talk to me, I want a chance, call him, ask him to convince me. He asks if you will take the case back, thanks. She hugs him. It says I have a condition.

He says I will meet him as a stranger, without any relationship, I will listen to him, if he convinces me, then fine, he has to give up. He says I agree, stay here, I will get Kairav ​​and come. Manjiri locks the front door of the house. She prays and leaves Diya at the door. He says when this door opens in the evening, we will come back with the news that Abhi’s hand Got fine, we have to leave the pain and problems outside the door and step in, right. Harsh and Mahima nods. They are leaving.

Aksha is looking for Kairav. She reads the Banner, What you lost, you will regain. He says that if we fail in one task, then his more emphasis is on the other task, we can’t afford to fail in this, not to think about anything, to focus on our hand. They are leaving. Kairav ​​is still running somewhere. Anand asks Rohan to get Abhi’s tests done. Parth asks where is Abhi. Neil says he is coming.

Manjiri A Harsh Stay Afraid. He says you have seen many surgeries in the hospital. He says not about my son. He says I can understand your fear, is there any other reason? He signs no. She asks Do You Trust Kunal’s Qualification. He says yes. She says I trust my Kanha Ji, I also feel scared but I kept my courage, our son needs both of us right now, he can call us anytime. He says I will go and check if the team has reached, you are really strong, more than me.

At Goenka house, Dadi says I asked Guru Ji to do pooja for Abhi. Manish says Yes, he is our son too, our wishes will always be with him. Kunal Messages Maaya And Promises That He Will Fulfill His Dream Soon. He sees Abhi and Aksha coming. He says I think you don’t believe me, Why are you looking tensed, please smile, It’s a big day for you, I am sure you also understand, Wishes don’t come easy, There is some pressure on me. Akshu and Abhi thank him. Kunal asks Abhi to come. Manjiri says Neil, Fear resides where there is no faith, we have faith in Kanha Ji, Why are you afraid. Neil says I am worried about Kunal’s words, it is not easy for me to see Abhi like this. She says I can’t see my kids getting weak like this, Abhi should see hope and happiness on our face when he comes from OT, he shouldn’t see sadness. He says he understands. Kairav ​​asks why did you get Abhi Along, you wanted me to go back to jail, no I can’t go home, what should I do, I could just keep running. He hears a police siren.

Kunal asks Abhi to meet the family and come. Abhi takes blessings of elders. Anand asks him to be brave and fight hard. Abhi hugs everyone. Manjiri asks Abhi not to worry. A rough hug from Abhi. He says you have to go in and then come back to get your old place back, the battle might be tough in OT, you have to win, not lose, you are a fighter, your family is waiting here, we want Old Abhi back, we want roaring angry Abhi back , go there, go and fight, come back roaring, go now or I’ll start part 2 of my motivational speech, all the best. Abhi Hugs Manjiri. She holds Akshu’s hand. Everyone wishes him the best.

Front lid:
Abhi Is Taken For Surgery. Akshu And Abhi Make Hearts. Kunal says I have condition, I will do surgery but you have to name your voice to my sister.


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