Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi defending Goenkas. Mahima argues. Anand asks what is harmful in finding a house. Abhi says it will spoil our relations, they will feel insulted. Mahima says I have lost my daughter forever, no one can stop me from checking their house. Manjiri says let her do whatever she wants. Harsh says she is right, think if you are in her place, how would you feel. Mahima says Akshu will never leave her family for you and no one else, you should learn from her.

Vansh says he was just sleeping, let him sleep. Vansh tells her everything. He takes Aksha out. He says Kairav ​​was tortured in jail so he escaped, let him rest, we will take him. She says I will talk to Abhi, I will explain it, he will understand. He says if he doesn’t understand, please think of Kairav. They hear manish and go to see. The inspector shows the search warrant and asks where did you hide Kairav. Manish says she is not here. The inspector says if you have hidden Kairav ​​here, the case will be against you too. Manish says Ok, check the house, he is not here. Akhilesh says we are following the law. Mahima argues. Akshu says we should tell Abhi the truth else he can never trust me. Vansh asks her to keep calm. He says Abhi could help us in this matter, please let me tell him. Abhi asks the constables not to check like this, it is not a crime. The inspector asks him to stop interfering with his work. Manjiri takes Abhi with her. Akshu thinks he is supporting me so much that I have to tell him. The guard tries to open the warehouse. He says the door is not opening, Kairav ​​must be inside for sure.

Kairav ​​​​Sleeps. Mahima says Kairav ​​would be hidden here, we have to find him in right place. Abhi says she is not here. Akshu says I will tell truth to Abhi, I promised him, I will not hide anything. Vansh stops her. He goes to Abhi. He says you will keep your promise, I will keep mine, I will not let Kairav ​​go to jail. Kairav ​​wakes up and hears the police inspector talking. Vansh is running. Kairav ​​feels tensed. Akshu goes to Abhi. Vansh sees the guard opening the warehouse door. Abhi says Sorry Aksha, I tried but couldn’t stop them. Akshu says I M Sorry, I know you tried a lot, I have to tell you something. Vansh’s worries. The constable does not see Kairav. The police are leaving from there. Vansh runs inside to check. He sees the Open window. Inspector says Kairav ​​is not here. Mahima asks Are you sure, check well. Dadi asks her to just leave. Mahima says you made him run away, I will not leave him. Birlas to leave.

Abhi Says I M Really Sorry. He asks Aksha to come. Akshu says you will go, I will just come. She asks Goenkas not to take tension, Kairav ​​would be fine. She says I will ask Abhi to explain Mahima. Dadi asks her to go home. Akshu asks Aarohi to take care of everyone. She says I might not come back soon due to surgery Abhi, you will handle things. Aarohi says Don’t Worry, Go, I will handle everything.

Akshu Hugs Aarohi. Dadi blesses Akshu and says I know Abhi’s hand will be fine soon. Aksha hugs Dadi and Manish. He says please take care of all of you. She hugs Akhilesh. Vansh asks her to come. They go out. Vansh thanks Aksha for not telling Abhi. She asks where he went in this state. She says I don’t know, he was very scared, he is also sedated, go, then I will go and find him. Akshu says I will come. Vansh says No, you go and focus on Abhi’s Surgery, I M Here. He says tell me if you know about him, I promise I won’t tell the police. She asks about Abhi. He says I will explain it to him, surely he will understand. He nods and hugs her. Abhi comes to call her. She is dating Abhi.

At home, the Birlas pray for Abhi’s surgery. Manjiri talks to everyone. Anand and Parth say we will also pray for Abhi. Aksha wishes Abhi the best. She goes to get the file. She gets a call and says that maybe Dr. Kunal is calling from another number. She hears Kairav ​​crying and gets a shock. Kairav ​​asks her to please help him and save him. He asks why did you run away from the police, come back, you will be charged more. He says No, I will not come back, they will kill me, help me, I will leave this city. She asks him not to. He asks where you are, I’ll send Vansh. She says no, come meet me one last time, I won’t come back, she tortures and makes the person confess to the crime, I won’t come back until it is proven that I am not responsible for Anisha’s death, please come and meet Me, I feel panic and anxiety, just come or I’ll go really far away. He says don’t go, tell me where you are, I will come. She thinks she can make any mistake in a panic situation. He will say the address. He says I will come. Kairav ​​says Come Alone, Don’t Get Along. She says sure. Selects File. She sees Abhi’s File. Abhi looks at her.

Front lid:
Abhi is taken for his surgery. He makes a heart for Aksha. Dr. Kunal maintains the status. He asks Aksha to give her vote to his sister.


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