Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Aarohi says Everyone will agree except Akshu. Neil says that once he understands that we love each other, he will support us. He says you will be shocked when your trust is broken. Neil says Abhi and Aksha will support us. He says I will talk to you later. She ends the call and says no one knows Aksha better than me. He gets a message. Abhi calls and says we have to meet right now. Suwarna says I have to talk to all of you. Dadi asks what happened, tell me. Suwarna says Let Manish Come. Abhi meets Aarohi and Akshu meets Neil in the park. Akshu says we have to talk.

He says Just answer me. Neil Says Thanks, I Know You Support The Truth Always, I Love Aarohi A Lot. Abhi asks who is your target, Neil or family, what revenge are you taking, Neil thinks you love me, it is not true. Aarohi says you think so, I know you don’t believe me easily, I love Neil and want to marry him.

She says you can’t marry Neil, forget him as you are wrong for him. Neil says I know there are problems between them, we have to look ahead, love just matters. Abhi says family matters more, I will not let my family suffer. Akshu Says Intention Behind The Love Matters More, You Are Emotional, Aarohi Is Ambitious, I M Saying The Truth. Abhi Says You Are Practical, I Got An Offer For You, Offer from New York Top Notch Hospital, it’s A 5 years contract, Go and make your Career, Spare My Brother. Akshu says its not wrong to think about future but playing with someone’s life for dreams is wrong, marrying someone for fulfilling dreams is wrong. Neil asks her to say clearly. Abhi says sign this contract and go. Akshu says Aarohi wants to get power and position in Birla House, marrying you is the way to get it. Neil says no, I didn’t expect this from you, she changed, Abhi also changed because of your love.

Aarohi says I will do whatever I want. Akshu says Go and ask her if you take her from Birla hospital, she will like to marry you. Aarohi takes the contract papers and leaves. Neil says we are talking about love and marriage, it is not an agreement between us, it is simple, she loves me, I love her, don’t complicate a simple thing, I did a mistake by expecting support from you. He’s leaving. Akshu sits and cries. Abhi worries. Neil goes to his car and remembers Akshu’s words. Aarohi recalls Abhi’s words. Abhi And Aksha See Each Other And Leave. Roohdaariyan…Playing… He says I met Neil. He says I met Aarohi. Suwarna is waiting for Manish. Dadi says there will be some matter. Akhilesh says Manish is coming, he is on his way. She says I M Tensed, What New Storm Is Go To Come. Manjiri remembers Abhi and cries. She says its very hard to stay angry with children. He sees Neil. Abhi says Aarohi didn’t throw the papers, she took it with her. Akshu says Aarohi has not changed, Neil is in love. Abhi says if their relationship breaks like this then it is better if it doesn’t form, I don’t want them to bear this problem. They both leave.

Akshu returns home. Suwarna says Akshu also came, we will talk. Manish and Dadi ask Suwarna what is going on. Akshu thinks. Manish asks Suwarna to say that. Suwarna says you will get shock, please sit. He says no tell me. He says everyone knows that Aarohi loves someone and wants to marry him, but you all don’t know that this guy’s name is Neil Birla. Everyone is shocked. Kairav ​​asks what. Manish says this name will not be used again in this house.

Abhi returns home. Neil shows the papers. Aarohi says Welcome home Neil Ask him why he did this. He says I didn’t want our relationship to be known this way. She asks Neil to talk to Abhi and leaves. Neil argues with Abhi. He says you have right to love, I don’t, you loved Aksha, I supported you, your love is love and my love is mistake. Abhi says calm down. Neil says No you shouldn’t have done this. Parth asks Neil not to shout at Abhi. Anand says we hired her in hospital, we can’t make her our bahu. Mahima Says Both The Sisters Trapped Our Sons. Parth says we all know she is so selfish. Neil grabs his collar and screams. Abhi asks Neil to leave Parth. Neil pushes Abhi away. Hard worries for Abhi. Neil says I can’t stop so I am telling you don’t come in between.


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