Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Harsh Saying I M Not the CEO of Birla Hospital, I M Don’t Give You Order, but an Advice, You should say Yes for the Surgery, You Know This, So You Didn’t Refuse, We should decide soon. He goes. Akshu thanks him. Abhi remembers everyone’s words. Rough walks up to everyone and says Lets See. Neil gives the coffee mug to Akshu and pacifies her. Abhi talks to Dr. Kunal and asks him when will you come for my surgery, I will prepare OT. Everyone is smiling. Akshu Thanks Kanha Ji. Manish says Kairav ​​escaped from jail, how can this happen? Everyone is worried. Dadi asks him to find Kairav ​​and get him home. He says we will send him somewhere. Akhilesh says it is a crime. Aarohi says the case will spoil. Vansh says the police will give him a lot of trouble. Manish asks how to save him now. Vansh says we will find him somehow. Harsh says it is proven that Kairav ​​is guilty so he ran away. Mahima and Anand discuss this matter with everyone. Mahima asks Aksha what she has to say now. Akshu cries. Mahima Leaves In Anger. Akshu is worried about Kairav. Anand says I don’t know where she went in anger. Neil says we should go see her. Manish And everyone is worried about Kairav. Aarohi says don’t get tensed, your health is getting worse. Manish says what will I do with health when my son is in trouble. He gets up. He feels dizzy. He sits in the back. She asks him to take care of his health. Abhi asks Aksha not to stress. Manjiri says I don’t know where Mahima went. Mahima and everyone come to Goenka’s house. Mahima asks them to call Kairav.

Manish says she is not here. Mahima says he would be here, he will not escape without your help. She creates a big scene. He says I will not leave Kairav. Anand says it is quite possible that Kairav ​​is at home. Dadi stops Mahima and says stop. Aksha calls Vansh and Aarohi. He says where did Kairav ​​go. Manjiri says she will be fine. Abhi gets Neil’s call. He Asks What, Mahima Went To Goenkas, Get Her Back, Matter Is Before Spoiled, I Don’t Want It To Spoil Totally. He says where are you Kairav. Kairav ​​sees the police and hides. Someone is holding him. Dadi says nothing was proved in court. Mahima says his crime is proved, you think you will fool us, I will somehow find Kairav. Dadi asks her to leave if she is coming with bad intention. Akhilesh says even the police need a search warrant. Manish asks why would we hide Kairav, take him to police station to make him surrender. Everyone is arguing. Dadi folds her hands and asks them to leave. Neil says we should trust them. Mahima says I can never trust them. Anand says we can’t search their house, come. They are leaving. Dadi cries that relations are spoiled. Harsh says you said Kairav ​​can be inside. Anand says yes, we shouldn’t give him a chance to escape, call police, they will find him. Kairav ​​sees Vansh and hugs him. Vansh asks why did you escape from jail. Kairav ​​says they would kill me there. Vansh says they gave you a lot of trouble, right. Kairav ​​says I don’t want to go there, save me please hide me. Vansh says matter will get corrupted. Kairav ​​says I don’t want to go back. He hears the Siren And passes out. Vansh checks his fever. Mahima and all return home. Abhi says they are also worried like us, Akshu Isn’t Well, If She Knows This, Then… He Sees Akshu. Harsh says police will handle it. Mahima says otherwise I can manage.

Abhi comes to Akshu and says I know your family will never support Kairav. She thanks him for supporting her family and being so direct and honest. He says you would do the same. He says Aarohi said that everyone is very scared. Abhi asks her to go and meet everyone. She says no, Kanha Ji can handle everything, just focus on surgery. He says you will like it, go and meet him, say sorry for not coming, tell them I will come tomorrow after surgery, I will manage Mahima, don’t worry, go. He says thanks, I promise I will tell you if I know anything about Kairav. They hug each other. Akshu Meets The Goenkas. He asks about Kairav. Vansh comes and says we don’t know police is beating and torturing him to sign the confession of killing Anisha. Akshu says it will be difficult to prove him innocent. Dadi worries. Vansh says I will go to my room to charge my phone. Aarohi says painkillers and fever medicines are missing, where did it go all of a sudden. Vansh says it may have crossed who will take the medicine. He goes. Akshu sees something in Vansh’s pocket.

Front lid:
Vansh takes care of Kairav. He turns to see Aksha. She says Let me tell Abhi. She goes to tell Abhi. The police are checking the house.


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