Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Akshu sings O Kanha…. Abhi is on his way. Shefali ends the call. She Says I M Very Happy That I Didn’t Go To Cover The Event, Its More Imp To Be With Shivansh, Its Not Worth It, If Manjiri Dad To Stay Away From Abhi On A Festive. Manjiri smiles. Maaya calls Aksha. She Says This Is Radha, We Celebrate This Festival Always, We Want Blessings From Kanha To Win The Event. Akshu thinks I also want Kanha’s blessings. Anand asks if everyone has come for the puja. Manjiri is praying. She sees Abhi Beside And Smiles. Everyone will be happy. Manjiri holds Abhi. Abhi takes Shivansh and says we will also go Puja Of Our Bal Gopal. Manjiri is also produced by Abhi Kanha. Aksha is doing Aarti. Manjiri does Aarti at Home. Akshu prays. She imagines Abhi and dances. Mohe Rang Do….plays… Abhi also imagines Aksha and dances with her.

Akshu smiles and gets a photo clicked by Maaya. Abhi imagines Aksha with him. He cries. Kunal, Maaya And Akshu Land In Jaipur. Akshu recalls her married moments and cries. She sees pink things around. Shaam Gulaabi… Acting… She is crying happily. She imagines Abhi there. They both hug and dance. He says Bring back my heart. He says I left my heart beating with you, I missed you. She says I missed you too. They say I love you. He picks her up. Maaya comes to Aksh. Akshu looks around. Maaya asks her to come, there was some problem with the car. Akshu says I will get water and come. She sees someone and thinks its Abhi. She goes to see. She is coming back. She buys a bottle of water. She says here we have only memories of Gulabi, I have to wait to meet Abhi. Abhi also reaches Jaipur. It reminds Aksha and his moments. She leaves with Parth, Shefali and Shivansh. Abhi stops and feels something. He looks around. Aksha also senses Abhi around. She says Abhi… Abhi says Aksha…. They don’t see each other and they leave.

Neil Says Its Good That Shefali Attended The Puja On Parth’s Saying, Parth Went To Jaipur On Her Saying. Manjiri says Abhi had a fight with Mahima, it’s good that he didn’t go alone but with everyone, but he went to Jaipur, that’s the problem. Neil says Oh I forgot about that. Manjiri Says Abhi And Akshu Had Made Love Vows In Jaipur, She Left Him, Kanha Ji Knows His Leela, Don’t Know Why He Has Sent Abhi There, Abhi’s Heart Finds Akshu There. Abhi And Akshu Leave In Cabins. Kairav ​​​​Cries And Says I M Missing You A lot, Akshu, I Miss My Family. He hears a police siren. He is worried.

Dadi says very soon the whole family will be together. Vansh Says It Will Turn True, Bless Me, I’m Going For An Imp Meeting. She blesses him. He says I am not like Kairav ​​but I am trying. He says Don’t be like Him because you are special and different. Maaya says we will go to Hawa Mahal, I will take victory selfie there. Kunal says Of course. Akshu thinks about Abhi. Abhi is in the second cabin just behind Akshu’s cabin. Abhi says its Janmashtami, there are many pandals, we have to take the path decided by Kanha. Maaya asks Aksha if she is fine. Akshu says Yes. Parth asks are you fine. Abhi nods. Maaya says the temple is beautifully decorated, please we will go there, I missed this atmosphere in Mauritius. Shefali says Kanha is still happy. Abhi sees Shivansh. Kunal says we will go later. Maaya insists. Driver talks about Shiv temple. Kunal asks the driver to come.

Parth says we will have darshan and go. Vansh asks if Manish left. Dadi says he is angry, he wants to get busy in work. Vansh jokes. Dadi says I am worried about him. Manish hits someone. Kunal says Akshara, I Suggest… Akshu says No, I will not go anywhere without Kanha’s Blessings. She is praying. Abhi comes there.

Front lid:
Abhi sees the fallen bed. Shivansh shouts. Akshu gets Shivansh and asks whose child is this. Abhi prays for Shivansh and searches for him.


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