Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Akshu and all dance to Pyaar Miljay… Abhi and Akshu see each other and imagine them dancing together. Manjiri Cries And Says I M I celebrate luck that things were fine between them, Abhi distanced himself and family for Aksh and came back to us today. Harsh says their happiness is in their togetherness. He signs them up to dance. Abhi smiles and dances with Aksha. Manjiri asks them to do Puja Rasam. Suwarna does Karawachaut rituals. Everyone is smiling. She sees Manish’s face and makes his Tilak. He quickly breaks her. She also breaks his fast. Yeh Rishta…plays… Manish Gives Her A Necklace. She thanks Him. He says I can’t be here for dinner, I am going to Jaipur. Dadi asks him to go in the morning. Manish says no, I have to go. Aarohi comes and shouts at Manish. He says you don’t have to go to Jaipur to meet Aksha. Akshu and Abhi go to do Puja. He says I wish it was just a dream, what can a person do when they don’t understand the difference between right and wrong. She says my mind is not working, we are praying for the relationship which is ending. He says Maybe we are confused about what we want. They get poetic in their hearts. They see each other through Channi and are emotional. Yeh Rishta….plays… They feed each other with water. Manjiri Feels Nausea And Begs Nishta To Take Her Inside. They are going. Abhi AND Akshu feed sweets to each other. Manish shouts Akshu. Akshu turns to see Manish, Kairav ​​and Akhilesh at the door. Everyone is shocked.

Manish asks Aksha to come. He says Manjiri is not here, come with me, mom told me everything. Akshu says I know you are very upset, I have hurt your heart, but if the motive is not fulfilled, my attempt will fail, give me some time, Manjiri has not recovered yet, I will come home and hear your admonition, Just go, Manjiri doesn’t know anything. Manish holds her hand and says it is our personal matter, we will talk at home. Her Dupatta gets stuck on Abhi’s Sleeve Button. She turns to see. Manjiri is coming. Everyone is worried. She asks Aksha why are you crying, what is happening here. Abhi says everything is fine, don’t worry. He says everyone is silent, I feel tensed. Mahima says the truth will come out. Rude asks what you are doing. Manjiri says I want to know what is true. Mahima says you were sick so the truth was hidden, the truth is, Abhi and Akshu are maintaining a relationship which has already ended, they have no relationship with each other. Manjiri is shocked.

Mahima tells everything to Manjiri. Manish says if she told truth then you don’t have to keep fake relations come. Manjiri says Wait, give me 5 minutes with my kids. Manish says we will wait for you outside. Manish, Kairav ​​And Akhilesh Leave. Dadi asks why did you say about Aksha. Aarohi says Akshu lied, why are you cursing me. Dadi says she told me about it. Suwarna says you knew it, you shouldn’t have hidden it. Dadi says I knew Manish won’t let her there, it was someone’s life. Suwarna says Aksha did not do right by breaking Manish’s pride and truth, I don’t know what is going on there. Manjiri looks at Abhi AND Aksha. He says truth means something different to everyone, I want to know from you what is truth. Abhi says Tai Ji was telling the truth, we filed for divorce. Manjiri is crying.

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Manjiri says you hurt your heart because of me, thanks a lot. She is angry with them. He gets Akshu’s Bag and asks her to go with Manish.


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