Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Akshu calls Abhi and asks about the surprise. Abhi comes there and holds her. She Stares At Him And Tries To Run Away. He holds her romantically close. Piya Baawri…Acting… They have romantic intimacy. Aarohi asks what happened to the lights. Neil says you look really beautiful in the dark. She complains. He tries to hold her hand. He says I don’t like this darkness, heat and mosquitoes. He asks what about me. He says I can’t have romance in this situation. Goes And Lies To Sleep.

It’s morning, Abhi cuddles Aksha and compliments her. She also praises him. He asks, are you not angry with me. She says no. He says I saw a cute dream, you were fat and chubby in it. She asks what. He says listen to me, I spoke to Manish. She asks him to say what he was talking about.

He says I was talking about your delivery. She smiles and hugs Him. He teases her. He asks why were you shy, we will have children. She says Yes, I love babies. She says I love both my baby and babies. They are smiling. He asks one or two. She says three. He says I only wanted one, we will settle for two. She says we both want babies, we talked about it well. He asks We are in a hurry. He says whenever it happens it will be good, don’t forget me when the kids come. He says I can’t forget you. She gets a message and tells about a big music competition. He asks her to get ready.

They get ready and come down. Aarohi comes and greets everyone. He says I Know You All Aren’t Happy With My Coming, Its My First Rasoi, Its My Duty To The Halwa, No Pressure On Nobody If You Don’t Want To Eat. Neil signs it. Manjiri asks Aksha are you going somewhere. Akshu says Yes I will go to the event, the winner will get a chance to launch a music album. Rough And Manjiri I wish her. Mahima asks Aarohi to join the hospital. Aarohi says no, I will handle the house, as when Akshu goes to work, I should be there to handle it. Akshu says I didn’t say I can’t manage the house, one should balance both the things.

She says Abhi, I will go now, I can do it myself. Abhi stops her and wishes her good luck. He’s leaving. Rohan calls Abhi. Abhi says I M Coming, Don’t Worry. Rohan says it is an accident case, come quickly. Abhi says I am coming, inform patient family. Rohan Says I M Doing That Only, Akshara met with an accident. Abhi is shocked. Trying to Start the Wheel V Voltage. He’s leaving. Abhi comes to hospital and shouts Aksha. Rohan says I have all tests done, listen to me. Abhi runs to the ward and sees Aksha. He asks Are you hurt, tell me. Akshu says its fine, my tests are done, its a small injury. He says your belly is swelling. She says a little. He asks are you okay. She says Yes, I will be fine, don’t worry.

He asks how it happened. He says I was crossing the road, I collided with the bike, the handle hit my stomach, I took pain medicine, I am better now, it is fine, your smile will work on me. He says Thank God you are fine. Rohan gets the news and gives it to Abhi. Abhi checks and says Vitaly is fine, news is fine. Rohan says I was worried when she came here, she was in pain, I also consulted gynecologist. Abhi says I will meet doctor and come, wait, rest. Akshu asks Does anyone at home know. Abhi says I didn’t tell anyone. She says it’s good, they will be afraid. He says I will meet doctor and come. He hugs her and leaves. She Feels The Pain And Says Its Okay Akshu, Get Up. Vansh asks what, you have reached Birla House. Aarohi says yes, Abhi came to take us home.

He says Manish will worry, I won’t tell him, take care. He sees Manjiri coming. She acts sad in front of Manjiri. Manjiri hears her. Aarohi asks when did you come. Manjiri goes. Neil says Give her some time, soon she will give us time in our heart. Abhi Meets The Gynac and thanks her for attending his wife. She says anytime. He says I checked the messages, it looked normal, everything is fine. Akshu Sees A Lady And Her Child And Smiles. Doctor says Akshu’s reports are fine, I did another test, he also has internal injury. She says yes, but there is nothing to worry, right, she will be fine, please tell me, we have the best doctors, there is nothing we cannot treat. The doctor says that Akshu may have difficulty conceiving.


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