Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Manjiri asks Abhi to pray. Abhi prays to Bappa. He says you are here but your heart is somewhere else, why are you silent, what happened in Jaipur. She asks him to pray and leaves. He thinks I can prove that it is Akshu’s voice. Akshu says I m here Abhi. He leaves the house. Aarohi returns home and meets Suwarna. He lies about a research paper. Dadi asks which Puja did you attend. Aarohi gets a call and goes. Manish says you said right. Vansh says he is behaving strangely. Akhilesh says he always leaves when we ask anything. Manish says I hope he is not doing anything wrong. Akshu asks what, Goenka family phones are tapped, it is wrong. The man says yes. They think the Birlas are doing it. She asks him for any proof. He says I am trying to find detective Anish, we are trying to get footage from CCTV site, it might have some more details. She asks him to just hurry, he doesn’t have much time.

Abhi Calls Maaya And Invites Her To Ganpati Visarjan Event. He says I will not attend the private function. He says I didn’t talk to you well last time, I had personal stress, but I am your big fan, please come. He says I will come. He says thanks, sing Aarti, you have a good voice. She thinks to apologize, Kunal gets angry. He asks Will You Come and Sing. He says: Okay, okay, I’ll come. Abhi says I didn’t wait so much for anyone. Maaya says see you tomorrow. Akshu comes. Maaya says we have to go to Visarjan function, we will not sing, I will apologize. Akshu says I am not invited, you are going. Maaya insists. Abhi says I will bring Akshu’s truth tomorrow.

Abhi plays Dhol at Visarjan event. Deva Shree Ganesha …. He plays… He applies red Gulaal on his face. She resembles Aksha. Come there Maaya and Aksha. She asks Maaya to go Ahead, she will stand behind. Abhi asks where are you Akshu. He does not see Aksha. Akshu says there is only some time between you and me, Abhi. Maaya Looks Good Looking And Hot Fan For Her. Abhi greets her. She Says So Sorry, I Could Not Identify You Like Of Gulal. He says fine, I have identified you, sing An Aarti for Ganpati Bappa. Maaya Says My Throat Is Bad. He says Chant for Bappa’s blessings. He says I came to have Bappa Darshan, but my fan asked me to sing Aarti, how can I refuse. Akshu gets worried and says Maaya can do no wrong. Abhi asks Maaya to sing. Man says Maaya Ji will sing Aarti, you all can make Mannat and put coins in kund, your prayers will be fulfilled. Akshu comes there to dance, with a ghunghat on her face. She asks Maaya not to worry, she is there, their mics are connected, sing. Maaya smiles. She prays to reach Abhi. Abhi can’t see. He sings. Maaya pretends to sing. Abhi looks at her. He looks around. Akshu goes away. She removes the microphone. Maaya smiles. Abhi and Akshu pray and put coins in the cunt. Both stumble and fall inside the Kundu. They come out of the water and clean their faces. They turn to each other. They get a shock. They cry happily. Akshu calls Abhi… He calls Akshara….

Front lid:
Abhi says Good Bye Akshara. Akshu runs after him. Abhi says I met her today. Manjiri asks what she said. Akshu says I gave my love a year, you give your hate only 24 hours. Manjiri asks Abhi to give 24 hours time to Aksha.


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