Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Aarohi receives Akhilesh’s call. He asks her to come home, there is a big surprise. He hears Anand and asks whose voice was that, where are you. She says you all just think of Birlas, I M Coming, I Came For Research Work. Neil greets her. He says I came to give some files. He thanks her. She asks for all good things. He says yes. She asks where is Abhi. He says he would be in his room. She thinks she will find out why Abhi asked about Aksha. She Knocks The Door And Comes In To Meet Abhi. He says I came to know about your accident. He says I’m fine. She asks why did you ask about Aksha that day. He asks her not to become Sherlock Holmes.

Aksha calls Kairav. She asks Kunal where is Kairav. She says I will tell your truth Maaya, she thinks you are the best. He asks what you say. He says Don’t take my patience and kindness as my weakness, call Kairav, Maaya Isn’t Here. Kunal calls Kairav. Akshu speaks to Kairav. He asks where are you, I was so tensed why did you come here without talking to me. Kairav ​​says Sorry, I Felt Scared. He says Don’t Say Sorry, I Would Have Not Left You Alone, It Was Imp. He says I knew it, I am fine, I am in a good hotel, thanks dr. Kunal, he made all the arrangements. She Says My Tension Got Less That You Are Not Panicking. He asks Did you meet Abhi. Kunal hangs up. He says you saw, Kairav ​​is fine. He says sorry, I can’t thank you. He goes. He says till I sing for Maay, Kunal won’t let anything happen to Kairav, I am sure Abhi is home, I won’t get peace until I see him, but for this I have to….

Aarohi says Abhi has seen some video again and again. Mahima says something changed after he came back, I feel he is protecting Aksha, he is attached to Aksha. Aarohi asks her to find out. Mahima thinks this can help me find Kairav. Akshu comes to Birla House. She is praying.

He thinks how am I going to go inside. Maaya asks where is Akshu. He says she went to the restaurant and said she will get something for you. He says she is so good, she is with us to help me by leaving her family, who else can understand that the family is an Imp, we should do a lot for her. Manjiri asks Abhi to listen. He says you have to come for Puja. He asks if this is necessary. She says I don’t see you scared, come. Can be changed. Nishta comes and takes Manjiri with her. Akshu comes from the window. She sees her room and says our room has changed a bit. He enters the room and closes the door. She sees Abhi’s shirt. He remembers their moment. She hugs the shirt. Abhi asks Manjiri to give Kurt. Akshu hears him. He passes Kurt. He thanks her. She is hiding. Preparing. He imagines her going to him and hugging him. Jaaniye….playing… Abhi is about to turn. Manjiri is coming. She praises Abhi’s choice. He says your choice is good. He says Don’t Give Me Credit Always, Maybe Shefali Or Nishta Keep It. It asks about the thread. Mahima calls them. Akshu thinks please stop Abhi. Abhi feels her. She applies a black dot to him from a distance and prays.

Aksha sees Abhi and family praying. She sees Shivansh and says baby was in temple, Parth and Shefali baby, that means Abhi was there. She is praying. He sees a servant receiving sweets. She sees a car in his path. She throws the curtain down. A servant pulls back the curtain. He goes. Akshu Moves And The Vase Falls. Everyone thinks who is on top. Abhi says I will go and see. Harsh says you are hurt, wait, I will go. It goes up. Akshu is running. She falls down. Harsh asks who is in that room. He doesn’t see her. He is hiding behind the window. He says maybe the window was blown open. He goes. She is crying.

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Abhi calls Maaya and asks her to come to the Ganpati event. She agrees. He asks her to sing Aarti. She covers her face with Gulaal. Akshu covers her face. He dances around Maaya and sings. Maaya Acts To Sing. Abhi is looking for Aksha.


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