Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Manjiri asks Abhi and Aksha to perform Dusshera Puja together. He says everything is fine now, you both are together, do pooja, tell me. He worries. They ask her not to worry, they will do puja together. Manjiri smiles. They go out. He says mom will be fine in 2-3 days, that means I can go from here. Abhi says Hopefully, Yes. He says actually Manish doesn’t know I came here. He says: Don’t worry, thanks for this kindness. He says I came to do my duty, I came for mom, you asked for divorce, I will also ask for something. They both say there is no love left now. He sees his bedroom. She asks where my guest room is. He shows her the way. She comes to the guest room and says I have never seen this room before and now I have to stay here. Manish calls her and asks have you reached, do you know the place. He says that few places do not become ours. He says, Do your work and come back, today is Dusshera, think good, good will happen. Says thanks, happy Dusshera to You. Says Happy Dusshera. He says I have some peace now. Aarohi says she disappears and suddenly comes back, she wants attention. Suwarna says we can’t think about what she is tolerating. Dadi remembers Akshu’s words. She says no stone can withstand so many storms, she is strong, we will pray for the family today.

Akshu says I made Kada for mom, should I give it to her? Abhi nods. She says I want to say something, it is also strange for me to stay here, I know many of them are not comfortable, but we can smile because of mom, it will be easy for me. Harsh says you are doing a great thing for us. Neil stops Aksha and thanks her. He says you will always be family to me. She thanks Him. She asks him not to thank. He says also remember, I will always be there for you. He nods and goes. Vansh asks Aarohi what she is upset about. She says no one cares about me but only Aksha. He says everyone is worried about you, they don’t know about Neil, settle down in life, I will tell them about him. She says his life will depend on Aksha, I didn’t tell anyone, I love Manish but I love Neil, I can’t post anything about him on social media because of Aksha issues. Manish comes and asks what happened. He says Vansh won’t let me arrange the way I want. He says let her do it. Vansh goes. Thanks Manisha. He says I love you a lot. He says I love you the most. He says Do what you find right. She is going. He says you both didn’t fight because of Dusshera preparations, I am worried about Aarohi. Mahima argues with Akshu. He says I will not let you stay here, else it will be an insult to Anisha, mark my words, if Manjiri knows your relationship is shallow, she will throw you out of this house. Akshu sings Kuch Toh Log Kahenge… Mahima gets angry.

Neil talks to Aarohi on a video call. He sees Aksha and ends the call by apologizing. She thinks what he was hiding. She gets a call for Aksha. He says Akshu Is There In Jaipur. The man says Sorry, I didn’t know. She says something is wrong. Shefali and Neil Hope Everything is fine between Aksha and Abhi. Manjiri prepares Aksha. Abhi smiles and blocks their bad eyesight. Abhi sees Aksha. He praises Manjiri. She holds Akshu’s face and applies Kajal Dot. Neil and Nishta come. Neil asks Manjiri to come. Abhi AND Akshu take care of Manjiri. Abhi asks Aksha about her leg pain. She says its fine but heartache.. Everyone stands behind Aarti. Manish And Suwarna Doing Aarti At Goenka Puja. Dadi thinks they would do pooja there too. Aarohi prays to go to Birla House. Abhi And Aksha Doing Aarti. Pandit gives them Diyas and asks them to light it. They light Diyas. Mahima leaves. They keep the divorce papers there. He takes Manjiri with him.


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