Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th April 2023 Written Update: Akshara and Arohi celebrates Gangaur


In today’s episode, Ruhi requests Abhimanya and Arohi to make an idol with them as well. Arohi is taken aback to see Abhimanya. Abhimanyu goes after the call. Akshara along with Abhinav prepares the idol. Muskaan is looking for a crown for an idol. Kairav ​​helps Muskaan. Surekha spots Muskaan and Kairav. Arohi tries to complete the idol. Manjiri sees Abhimanya busy on the phone. Swarna praises Akshara and Abhinav’s idol. He prays for their togetherness. Abhimanyu helps Arohi. Manjiri prays to God and says everything is fine. He prays for the togetherness of Abhimanyu and Arohi.

Swarna is looking for her mobile. Surekha goes to Swarna and says that Muskaan is trying to lure Kairav. Swarna asks Surekha not to spread rumours. Muskaan overhears Surekha and Swarna’s conversation. It will break.

Abhir and Abhinav complement each other. They are waiting for Akshara. Akshara is getting ready. Abhinav gives medicine to Abhir. Akshara thinks she can wear Naira’s accessories but she can’t look beautiful like her. Abhir goes to the washroom. Akshara stunned Abhinav with her beauty. Abhinav praises Akshar’s beauty. Akshara calls Abhinav handsome. Abhinav says no one will look at him in front of Akshara. Akshara says she will look at him. Abhir compliment Akshara and Abhinav.

Manjiri helps Arohi get ready. Abhimanyu helps Ruhi get ready. Manjiri asks Abhimanya to say what Arohi looks like. Abhimanyu says Ruhi looks more beautiful. Ruhi praises Abhimanya and Arohi. Abhimanyu, Arohi, Abhinav and Akshara are getting ready to celebrate the Gangaur festival. Shefali is worried about facing the company over Parth during the gangaur festival. Mahima brings back Partha. She asks Shefali to understand and tries to give Parth a second chance. Parth also tries to convince Shefali to forgive him and can give any punishment. Shefali asks Parth to come back.

Parth asks Shefali if Akshara, Abhimanyu and Arohi can get a second chance than why not. Abhinav asks Muskaan to get ready. The Muskaan refuse to attend the festival. Abhinav asks the reason. Muskaan lies to Abhinav. Kairav ​​tries to help Muskaan. Muskaan is angry.

Abhinav and Kairav ​​think that the festival is not happening. Manjiri scolds Ruhi to call Abhir. Abhimanyu and Abhinav come up with a plan to bring the two families together. Kairav ​​is taken aback to see Muskaan. Muskaan asks Kairav ​​to stay away from her as everyone thinks she is trying to woo him. Kairav ​​says no one told him anything. Muskaan says that as a girl she is only a target.

Akshara wonders why she is suddenly restless. Arohi thinks why does she feel that something will be taken away from her. Abhinav and Abhimanyu try to convince Swarna and Manjiri to celebrate Gangaur together. They say no one has the right to steal Abhir and Ruhi’s happiness because of their differences. [episode ends]

Pre-Chapter: Akshara tells Abhinav that she has to hide Abhir’s truth. Sandeep tells Abhimanyu that Akshara and Abhinav are here with their miracle child.


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