Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

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Abhi asks the family to think and live less. Neil and Shefali as an idea. Anand asks them to go. Abhi says Come For Nishta And Our Sake, Else We Won’t Go. Anand says Lets Go. Nishta says you have half an hour to prepare. Harsh asks Anand to come. She asks are you fine. Abhi Says Yes, I M Mind Blowing, See How I Blow Everyone’s Mind In Dandiya. Everyone comes to Dandiya Nights. They like the place. Abhi says everyone thanks Nishta For This. Akshu and family are also there. Aarohi thinks why Neil’s phone is not connecting. Akshu says Manish and Kairav ​​also wanted to come. Dadi says yes. Vansh says I will make videos. Akshu says it is a small function but I will sing here. Everyone cheers Aksha. Lady announces live music and live dance performances. Parth says its great, here we can get voice for music therapy. Abhi says its impossible. Akshu says I will experience stage singing. Abhi goes to get Shivansh’s bag. Lady Says Welcome Our First Singer, Akshara. Birlas Check out. Akshu thinks we live for the moment, the voice of the singer and the direct connection of the audience. Mahima sees Goenkas. Akshu sees them.

Abhi gets the bag. Akshu says they just called for the show. Lady says Mahima, she is your Bahu, right. Mahima says she is not Birlas Bahu but Goenkas daughter. She taunts Akshu. Dadi stops Suwarna. The ladies talk about Abhi and Akshu’s divorce. The old man asks Abhi about the divorce. Ladies ask Aksha to think, girl and family gossip after divorce. Grandfather says Fine, after breaking up your marriage, move on, you are young and successful, why hurry, meet for some time and enjoy, you will get many alliances. Akshu answers the ladies. She says you have many experiences, I say what I want, divorce should be between two people. Abhi says divorce is hard for guys too, we remember that. He asks them to discuss some other topic. Abhi comes there. Akshu’s earring is stuck on Shivansh’s bag. Mahima scolds Aksha.

Dadi argues with Mahima and taunts her. Suwarna says Abhi didn’t care about this relationship either, I m sure he is doing his job too. Mahima says Stay In Limits. Akshu asks will you decide this? Shefali stops Mahima and says we didn’t fight. Dadi asks Aksha to come and focus on her singing. Abhi sees Akshu’s earring stuck on the bag and takes it. Aarohi says Thank God I have you here. Neil asks what an Imp is. He says this is for you. He asks why. He says it’s a special day. He asks is it your birthday Oh we had our first date today I forgot. He gives a gift. He says you remembered. She says Yes, I can’t forget it, we had a lot of pain in each other and we became closer in solitude. He sees His Gift. He asks, are you ready to send your whole life with me. He says yes. They’re laughing. Abhi passes by. They are hiding. Neil says I am saved, thanks for seeing him coming, I will go. He goes. Vansh Says You Are Not Doing Right, I Signed You About Abhi, This Relation Has No Future, End This Relation. Aarohi asks why will I get punishment, I will not sacrifice my relationship. Akshu collides with Abhi. They are having a moment. Tera Ye Ishq… Plays… The curtain falls on them. They have an eye lock. Abhi tears the curtain. They come and go both ways.

Front lid:
Abhi says I asked you to stay away from me and my family. Akshu argues. Manjiri wakes up. She asks Aksha to answer her questions.


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