Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 24th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Rudra asks Vidyuth who conspired against him. Vidyuth says he doesn’t really know as he doesn’t have any enemy. Rudra says after the wedding they will find who is behind all this, they should first get ready and reach the hotel for his and Preesha’s wedding. Vidyuth thanks him. Rudra says he should thank Pihu as he is a Xerox copy of Preesha and can read eyes. Vidyuth thanks Pihu and praises her. He says he doesn’t deserve such a kind and pious girl. Pihu says Let her decide, she chose him and that’s it. Raj gets jealous when he sees them together again and thinks that he couldn’t separate them even though so much has happened that now he has to do something bigger to separate them.

Rudra and his family reach the hotel and wait for Preesha. Preesha reaches there. She hugs Rudra emotionally and asks where she was. Preesha tries to speak. Sharda asks her to go and get ready for the wedding first. Preesha thinks how to inform Rudra that Armaan is blackmailing him and wants her to drop all the cases against him in exchange for revealing the location of her missing child. Raj Spikes Pihu’s Juice and thinks that if he gets close to her, Vidyuth will watch and leave Pihu himself. It offers Pihu juice. She Thanks Him As She Was Feeling Thirsty And Finishes Juice. She then walks to Vidyuth and asks where she is going. He says he will prepare Rudra. She goes to Rudra who is already ready as a groom and asks if he is feeling nervous. Rudra says yes and says that Vidyuth will experience this when he marries Pihu.

Sharda Gets Preesha Ready And Blesses Her To Be Happy With Rudra Forever. Vidyuth shows the decorated car to Rudra. Rudra asks if he decorated his car and decorated his own car. Vidyuth says Rudra’s car had some problem and asks him to imagine the time he spends with Preesha in that car after marriage. Rudra Says He Already Belongs To Preesha And Hopes To Spend A Peaceful And Romantic Life With Her. Pihu starts feeling drunk. Vidyuth notices her stumbling and asks if she is fine. She says she feels drunk. Raj gets jealous seeing Vidyuth reaching Pihu before him and spoiling his plan. Vidyuth takes her to the bathroom and says she will be fine under the shower and turns on the shower. She gets romanced and hugs him from behind. Teri Awargi Ban Jau Mai.. The song is playing in the background.

Preeesha is waiting for Rudra at the gate. Rudra arrives In Car With Baratis. Preesha asks Sharda why Rudra is coming in Vidyuth’s car. Sharda says Rudra’s car has some problem so Vidyuth decorates his own car. Vidyuth and Pihu are more romantic and intimate. Teri Awargi Ban Jau Mai.. The song continues to play in the background. Armaan disguised as a beggar comes in front of Rudra’s car. Sharda notices him and asks Raj to take him aside. Armaan Leaves Cart In Front Of Car And Leaves. Raj moves the cart aside. Rudra gets out of the car and signals to Preesh I love you. He thinks that after few minutes he and Preesha will be together forever. Preesha thinks they will be together again and even find her lost son, she wants him to be with her forever. Rudra’s car whizzes by behind him. Pihu wakes up hearing the explosion and alerts Vidyuth. They both get dressed and rush out. Panic sets in at the scene of the explosion. Preesha is worried that Rudra is shouting his name followed by other family members. She is looking for Rudra.


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