Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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The jeweler informs Rudra that Vidyuth has ordered an expensive necklace. Rudra’s accountant informs that Vidyuth has withdrawn 50 Lakhs from his account. Rudra is shocked to know this. Vidyuth S Raj walks down. The jeweler says he brought Vidyuth’s ordered necklace. Vidyuth says he didn’t order any necklace. The accountant says he called him yesterday and ordered him to transfer 50 million from Rudra’s company account to Zaveri Jewellery. Raj recalls how jealous he is when he sees Vidyuth and Pihu’s Romance and calls the jeweler and the accountant over the landline to catch Vidyuth. Vidyuth denies the allegations, but the accountant and jeweler are adamant. Rudra refuses to believe Vidyuth. Vidyuth gets angry at Rudra for not trusting him and leaves muttering that he will kill whoever is trying to catch him.

Preesha overhears him and thinks how can he think of killing Rudra. She thinks of informing Rudra about this but then she thinks she should meet Armaan first Reca Lling Armaan gives him a Chit in which she mentions that she knows where her new born child is who she lost for 1 year Go. Vidyuth returns to his room and breaks things. Pihu stops him and asks the reason for his anger. He describes the whole story and says that someone is trying to trap him on purpose, even his elder brother doesn’t trust him because of his past. Pihu consoles him.

Preesha meets Armaan who reveals that Revati supported him and took Preesha’s child away. He says he knows where her child is and would give her child’s location if she dropped all the cases against him and got him out of jail. Preesha thinks that Armaan really knows the location of the child or is lying to get out of jail. She says that once her wedding is over today, she will get him out of jail. Armaan says he knows her more than himself and he knows she would go straight from here and reveal everything to Rudra. He warns her not to dare tell anyone about their meeting or she will never know where her son is. Preesha Leaves She thinks she needs to get ready and get to the hotel for the wedding.

Pihu goes to Rudra and says that Vidyuth is not lying as he can see in his eyes. She asks him to listen to Vidyutha once. Vidyuth walks in and holds Rudra’s feet begging him to trust him as he has changed after falling in love with Pihu and reformed. He says when he shared everything with Rudra, how can he do mistakes again. Rudra stands confused.


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