Yeh Hai Chahatein YHC 14th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


Rudra Says that he has realized that he loves Pihu immensely and can’t stay away from her even for a day, so he will marry Pihu tomorrow in the court without any pre-wedding rituals. Pihu and Digvijay Feel happy to hear this. Saransh and Roohi get tensed hearing this. Pihu tells Preesh that she should go to her, he will be the husband, and stands holding Rudra’s hand. Preesha Thinks Once Again Rudra destroyed everything in anger without letting her explain, they won’t be able to meet again. Saransh Walks To Her And Says Rudra Ruined Everything, He And Roohi Were Waiting For Them To Reunite. Preesha says she didn’t get a chance to reveal the truth to Rudra. Saransh asks why. Preesha explains how Rudra misunderstood when she saw Armaan on her. Saransh says he should reveal the truth to Rudra and stop him from marrying Pihu. Preesha agrees.

They both go to Rudra’s room and find him missing. Rudra takes Piha on a long journey and asks Pihu why she wanted to go on a long journey when they have a wedding tomorrow. Pihu Sys She Is Craving To Have Ice Cream. Recalling Preesha’s craving for Pani Puri and ice cream during her pregnancy, Rudra says he knows what Pihu feels so he won’t complain. Sharda notices Preesha in Rudra’s room and asks what she is doing here as she has troubled Rudra so much. Saransh says Preesha wants to talk to Rudra about something important and asks where she is. Sharda says he took Piha out. Saransh says then they will wait for Rudra.

Pihu thanks Rudra for buying her ice cream and says they are near her house and insists on meeting Digvijay. Rudra takes her to Digvijay’s house. Digvijay asks what they are doing here. Pihu Says They Had Come To Have Icecream Near And Came To Pick Her Stuff. She Signals Digvijay And Walks To Her Room. Digvijay recalls how Pihu asked him to keep Rudra at his house tonight as she will bring Rudra home after some time. She asks him to let Piha stay in his house as she can’t take any risk before marriage as she sees all the recent incidents and wants them to stay together till their wedding. Pihu returns and says that he cannot stay back at his father’s house as he has morning sickness related to pregnancy and not wanting to embarrass himself in front of his father, he asks Rudra to stay back instead and let her go back to his house. Rudra agrees.

Pihu returns to Rudra’s house and sees Preesh and Saransh there and asks what they are doing here. Saransh says they want to talk to Rudra. Pihu humiliates them and sends them out. Preesha tells Saransh that she will meet Rudra directly in the court and reveal the truth to him, then she will see Rudra marry Pihu. Next Moring, Preesha is hurriedly trying to leave the house for the court hearing when Pihu confronts her and yells at her for crossing Inauspiciouslha’s path. Sharda asks her to calm down. Pihu asks Preesha to stay home and welcomes her with Aarti when she returns after marrying Rudra. Roohi confronts Preesha for not doing anything to save her love. Preesha decides to stop Pihu and Rudra’s marriage at any cost and heads to court.

Rudra gets ready in the groom’s attire and reminisces about his quality times with Preesha. He thinks why is he remembering Preesha when she forgot him, he should marry Pihu as he needs him and name Pihu’s child. Digvijay goes to him and asks if he is ready. Rudra says he is. Digvijay asks him to come down while he gets the car.


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