Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th March 2023 Written Update


The Episode starts with Mansi thinking that Aaliya is saved by washing dishes but she is trapped. She asks Dadi for kitchen gloves. Malti tells Mansi that she should rest and they will. Mansi says she is really tired and has to get used to all the work. Malti takes Ishani to wash the dishes. He tells her that Mansi is pregnant and they cannot let Mansi work. He gives his bangles to Dadi and asks her to keep them on the table. Mansi can see.

Nayantara learns that Samrat is on the terrace and goes to the terrace. She asks him what he is doing there. Samrat tells her that he feels peace there which he never felt in Khurana’s house. She tells him that she has to sleep on the floor as there is no sofa in their room. He agrees to sleep on the floor. He thanks her for bringing peace in his life and hugs her. it’s going down.

Mohit sees everything. He tells Samrat that he has never seen this Samrat. Samrat tells him that Nayantara made this situation easy for him. Mohit tells Samrat that he loves Nayantara and hence Samrat can adjust there. He lists the changes he has seen in the emperor. Samrat tells her that he and Nayantara are just friends.

Aliya tries to sleep because of mosquitoes. Mansi tells him that she has an escape plan and falls down. After some time, Mansi enters Malti’s room and steals Malti’s bangles. He decides to sell the bracelet and tries to walk out of the house with the goods. But Samrat stops her and asks her where she is going at this time. She tells him that she left home for her child. He asks her what about their new beginning. He asks her to stop using the baby as she cannot adjust there. He says that Mansi only loves money and she is still a traitor.

She tells him that she misunderstood him. He tells her that he knows her true colors and wants to expose her. He revealed that the IT raid was fake. She gets shocked hearing him. He tells her that he is still rich. He calls the people who have come posing as IT officers. He says he is an actor and wanted to see how Mansi reacts when he is poor. Furthermore, Mansi leaves him as she has no money. He asks her to drop him home and doesn’t care whether she is pregnant or not. She asks him to listen to her for once. He is about to pull it, but his bracelets fall off.


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