Will Lies Of P Be On Xbox Game Pass? Is Lies Of P Multiplayer?

Lies Of P
Lies Of P

Will Lies Of P Be On Xbox Game Pass – Lies of P is a soul-like action game based on the famous story of Pinocchio set in a bleak, brutal Belle Époque setting. This article will explain Will Lies Of P Be On Xbox Game Pass. So follow this article till the end to find out Will Lies Of P Be On Xbox Game Pass.


Will Lies Of P Be on Xbox Game Pass?

Dubbed “Soulslike action”, Lies of P puts you in control of the mechanoid Pinocchio on a mission to become human while traversing a “cruel, dark Belle Époque environment”. Launching in 2023 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, Lies of P will become part of the Xbox Game Pass immediately. Publisher Neowiz and developer Round8 Studio have announced that action RPG Lies of P will be released in 2023 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will also be available through Xbox Game Pass.

Is Lies Of P multiplayer?

Using the multiplayer mode is still popular among gamers. Before starting the game, many players check if this option is available. Real-time players can play with or against in multiplayer, giving the game a more realistic feel. As already indicated, this game has a single protagonist and a predetermined plot. Therefore, the developers had no choice but to forgive the introduction of multiplayer mode. Only one player controls Pinocchio in the single-player game Lies of P.

Information about the game Lies Of P

Based on the famous Pinocchio story, Lies of P is a soul-like action game set in a bleak, brutal Belle Époque setting. The once beautiful city, now turned into a hellish wasteland full of unimaginable evil, is now lost to mankind. A complex combat system, an elegant world full of tension and an engaging narrative are all features of Lies of P.

The game Lies Of P

You take on the role of a mechanical Pinocchio in Lies of P. When you wake up in a gore-esque gothic town, a message is pinned to your clothes instructing you to find Geppetto. Your main goal is to shed your mechanical roots and become human, but the city of Krat is full of twisted creatures and enemies in this dark version of the Pinocchio story.

Lies P Release date

The game developer announced a 2023 release date for Lies of P in its Gamescom Opening Night Live trailer. The terrifying retelling of Pinocchio in Lies of P was inspired by the hugely popular Souls series. For us, the Lies of P release date can’t come soon enough.


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