Why India is Ranked at Bottom of the Environmental Performance Index ?

Why India is Ranked at Bottom of the Environmental Performance Index ?
Why India is Ranked at Bottom of the Environmental Performance Index ?

India obtained the lowest score among 180 countries in the 2022 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) which assesses the environmental performance of these countries.

India’s level is 180 with 18.9 points, and over the past decade, performance has dropped by 0.6 points. Our neighboring nations have done better in this regard. Pakistan is ranked 176th with 24.6 points and Bangladesh is 177th with 23.2 points. How to blur a photo background on iPhone

Nepal is ranked 162nd and Sylanka 132nd, while Bhutan is 85th and Afghanistan is 81st.

“We are gaining and rating these countries on their environmental performance using the latest year of available data and calculating how these points have changed over the past decade,” the report said.

The report lists these 40 performance indicators in 11 categories related to climate change, environmental health, and systemic health. Putting it to the forefront means that India’s performance on these parameters in terms of policy actions is poor. How to install iOS 16 Developer Preview on Apple iPhone | iOS 16 Features

The analysis was performed by researchers at Yale Earth Institute and Columbia University.


Indian Score

India awarded 18.9 EPI points EPI.

The three main categories under which the points are assigned are ecosystem power, environmental health and the effectiveness of climate change.

India has scored 19.3 points in ecosystem vitality and the change in this area over the past decade is 2. We have seen loss of biodiversity and biodiversity. We have lost a lot of trees, grasslands, and wetlands in large numbers.

We found 12.5 in health; this means lower air quality, sanitation, and drinking water. Our waste management of solid waste, marine plastics, and recycling is also poor. Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 Vs Snapdragon 870: Newer Or Wiser? – Which is the Best Processor?777 Charlie Movie Download Filmyzilla, Filmywap Review and News

Under the climate policy, India scored 21.7 points and was ranked 165th.

EPI said low points from India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Pakistan could be attributed to prioritizing economic growth rather than environmental sustainability.

Global Performance

Denmark is top of the index with EPI points of 77.9. “Denmark emerges as the most stable country in the 2022 estimates, showing strong performance on many issues followed by EPI and significant leadership in climate change and sustainable agriculture,” the EPI statement said.

“The integrated rankings place the United States behind many rich western states, including France (12th), Germany (13th), Australia (17th), Italy (23rd), and Japan. (25th), “EPI said in a statement.

China, India, Russia, and US: 4 Great Greenhouse Gas Emitters by 2050

According to EPI figures, China, India, Russia, and the US will not only be the four largest emissions (GHGs) by 2050, they will contribute significantly to 50% of total emissions. GHG.

Only a few countries, including the United Kingdom and Denmark, are on track to achieve GHG neutrality by 2050, according to EPI projections, EPI said in a statement.

“By 2050, 22 countries will take up about 80% of GHG residues unless climate change policies are tightened, as well as airways,” the EPI said in a statement. OPPO K10 5G Specs and Pricing In India | OPPO K10 5G Review

India has completed the Environmental Performance Index-2022 issued by the World Bank. This means that India is among the countries in the world with the worst environmental health. Of the 180 countries listed on the list, India is bottom five with 18.9 points. Even Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Vietnam are ranked better than India. The country also received low marks for various measures such as anti-corruption, law enforcement, and good governance.

The decline is huge as at EPI-2020, India is ranked 168th out of 180 countries. 27.6 points. Denmark is ranked first in the areas of sustainability and environmental health in this regard.

EPI was first established in 2002 as an indicator that measures the ecological sustainability of various countries. It was established as a global parameter in partnership with the World Economic Forum and Columbia University.

“EPI ranks 180 countries on climate change, environmental health, and ecosystems. These indicators provide a gauge on the national scale of how countries are closer to establishing environmental policies, ”the EPI report said. Watch Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (2022) Full Movie On Google Drive

The report suggests that the country’s economic prosperity makes investing in environmental policies lead to desirable investments. The report goes on to say that building the necessary infrastructure could provide other environmental benefits such as clean drinking water and sanitation, reduce existing air pollution, and control hazardous waste. “Response to public health problems has a huge impact on human well-being,” the report said.

The report also states that countries have been able to focus on ways to stabilize and perform better than their lagging counterparts. ”

The report also states that countries that have been able to reduce greenhouse gases have benefited greatly from curbing climate change. It also noted that these efforts have positive effects on human health and ecosystems.

Low prices in India and other countries in EPI suggest that they need to intensify their efforts on various sustainability measures such as climate change and air and water quality. Other countries identified as laggards include Afghanistan and Nepal. Their low points can be attributed to weak governance, he added.


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