Where to find the Legendary Chest at Althjof’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok


There are several legendary chests that you can discover in the nine realms while playing God of War Ragnarok. These will add valuable gear and items to use on your journey and give you a chance to customize your game. You can find one of these chests when exploring Althjof’s Rig in Svartalfheim. Here’s what you need to know about where to find the Legendary Chest at Althjof’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok.

How to get the legendary chest in Althjof’s Rig in God of War Ragnarok

Althjof’s Rig can be found on the northwest side of the Bay of Bounty. It’s close to where you can find Alberich Island, but more to the side, and this is one of the kits you’ll need to destroy to complete the In Service of Asgard sidequest for Mimir.

The legendary chest will be near the upper area where you have to destroy the rig. You’ll need to get to this point by lowering the crane and then pulling the elevator down to swing over. When you get across, destroy the red barrel to get to the other side.

Climb up the marked area to the left of the entrance you made and kick open the armor to jump down to the lever again. Now you can set the crane to a higher level. However, if you want to change platforms, you’ll need to continue along the path to the right and get to the lower levels.

There will be an explosive barrel in the next area that you can destroy. Uncover in the left part, climb the wall and get to the second level. Now you can break through the center area and get all the way down. When you get to the bottom place, pull the platform up and then go back to the next level. You can now reach the third level of this area using the raised platform and the crane.

You will have to climb to the top of the platform and break it. Once you’ve done that, turn right and you’ll have a couple of Soundstone barrels that you can destroy to enter the next area. You can kick off the golden chain and return to the starting area. Now raise the crane to this full height, return to the area you discovered and now you can jump the gap and smash through the wall on the other side. There will be a legendary chest.


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