When is Shiny Chespin coming to Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go: Nintendo
Pokemon Go: Nintendo

Although Chespin is less popular than starters like Charmander and Treecko, it has its fair share of fans in the Pokémon GO community. Hailing from the Kalos region, Chespin is one of the creatures (along with Froakie and Fennekin) that new trainers in Pokémon X and Y can choose from at the start of their journey.

As Chespin evolves into one of the few Grass and Fighting types the franchise has to offer, it has the potential to be a good, if niche, pick for the competitive mobile gaming scene. However, some trainers may not be satisfied with just having access to Chespin and its development.

With the new year finally upon us, Niantic has released details on when players can find Shiny Chespin. Shiny Pokémon are variations of a creature that has the same stats but a different color scheme, and Shiny Chespin will be catchable during the Chespin Community Day event starting January 7th. Like any other Community Day, this event aims to bring creation back into relevance.

Everything you need to know about Shiny Chespin’s Pokémon GO debut

Players who manage to capture or evolve a Chesnaught during the event will receive the exclusive Frenzy Plant attack. This is the ultimate Grass-type attack in Pokemon GO that almost every Grass-type starter in the game has access to thanks to their respective Community Day events.

Not only will Chespin’s Community Day mark the debut of Shiny Chespin, but players who attend will have a better chance of finding one. Collectors look forward to these opportunities because of the increased chance, and Niantic seems to be continuing that tradition.

Players can also choose to spend a small amount of money to gain access to a series of missions that are exclusive. These quests can be completed to earn rewards that will be useful for hunting Chespin’s bounty during Community Day and turning it into a Chesnaught.

Players can now also purchase these special research tickets for their friends. They can do this in the Pokemon GO in-game store by selecting the new “Gift” option instead of the usual “Buy” option.

A new concept introduced in 2022, players will also be able to challenge the Community Day Raid Boss in Pokemon GO. In January, players will be able to face Quilladin, the middle stage of Chespin’s evolution. Defeating one will increase the spawn rate of Chespin around where it was defeated.

In short, Shiny Chespin will debut on January 7th at 14:00 local time, marking the arrival of the monthly Community Day event. Lucky players will be able to catch a Shiny Chespin in the wild, and those who manage to evolve it will receive a Chesnaught with access to the exclusive move Frenzy Plant.


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