WhatsApp upcoming login approval feature will keep hackers away


WhatsApp is now developing a new feature to protect users so that they can receive notifications in the app when someone else tries to log into their accounts.

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a lot of security features. According to reports, WhatsApp is now working on a login approval feature like Instagram. When you sign in to your WhatsApp account from a new device, you’ll get a notification from the messaging app asking you to confirm whether it’s you or not. We get similar notifications when we try to access our Instagram or Facebook account from a new computer. The upcoming WhatsApp feature will strengthen the security of the platform.

The new development was first spotted by WhatsApp feature tracker, Wabetainfo. The website, which is the first to report on all upcoming features, has announced that WhatsApp is now developing a new feature to protect users so that they can receive in-app notifications when someone else tries to log into their accounts.

“When someone else tries to login to your WhatsApp account, you will have to accept the login request by approving it. So people will finally be able to decline a login request if someone is trying to log into their account because they shared their 6-digit code incorrectly. In addition, this special security alert also reports some other useful details such as the time and other information about the other phone,” the website states.

On a related note, WhatsApp is also working to give group admins more options to exercise their power well and stop the spread of misinformation. For this, the group administrator should be more alert and aware of what is happening in the group. Wabetainfo has announced that WhatsApp group admins will soon be able to delete messages for everyone in the group. For now, only select beta testers have access to this feature, but WhatsApp may roll it out in the coming days. The feature is currently available to beta testers.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature to help protect your account. This feature is called login approval, and it sends users a notification when an unknown device tries to log into their accounts.

The user then has the power to approve or deny the request, creating an extra layer of security in case your credentials fall into the wrong hands.

Notifications notify users of logins and show them useful information such as the time and date of the login attempt and details of the device used for the login attempt.

Not long ago, WABetaInfo found evidence of another security feature called a double verification code. Once released, it adds another layer of security to your account by asking for a second verification code in case an unknown device tries to use your credentials.

When the first login attempt is successful, but WhatsApp doesn’t recognize the device, it asks the user to confirm with a second verification code sent to the original device.

This is coupled with login approval and should provide some protection for system-level accounts, although there’s no release date for either feature yet.


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