What is a Freelancer? [Top 10+] What are the top money making freelancer websites?

What is a Freelancer
What is a Freelancer

Do you know what a Freelancer is? What does (Freelancer Kya Hota Hai) and Freelancer mean in Hindi? (Freelancer Ka Hindi meaning Kya Hai) Nowadays people are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and doing freelance work!

You can earn thousands of rupees every month as a freelancer!

Earlier, in the article Best ways to make money on the Internet, we also talked about freelancing! Everyone wants to make money online these days! But good platforms are not available to make money working online! But you can earn your money through freelancing, there are many websites available online!

You don’t need a degree, diploma or other certificate to work as a freelancer! If you want to freelance, you have to have some talent.

With this skill you have to do other people’s work and in return people give you your fees or earnings! Hence in today’s Hindi article, what is a freelancer? (Freelance Kya Hai) and give you complete information about Top 10+ Best Freelance Websites in detail!


Meaning of Freelancer

Freelancer Meaning; Freelancer means turning your skills into a means of making money for yourself! For example, suppose you make a very good painting or know very well about design work!

So if you are doing this design work for some needy people then it will earn you!

What is Freelancer?

Freelancer in English: A person who provides his skills or skills in the form of services to his clients and completes their pending work is called a Freelancer!

Freelancers work for a few hours, a few days, or until the service is completed, instead of regular wages! What is Netflix’s game plan? | This Week In Business

The services offered by a freelancer can be of any kind! Like – designing, painting, writing or any good content etc. It depends on the experience and qualifications of the freelancer!

For whatever services the freelancer provides to their client, the client pays the freelancer! The biggest advantage of being a freelancer is that the person who is doing the freelance work is still becoming an expert in their skills! When working professionally, a freelancer is constantly learning new things and can earn more every hour! Netflix is working on 55 new games including some games based on Netflix’s own IPs

How to work as a freelancer?

How to work as a freelancer? Or how does a freelancer work? Let us understand this with an example, suppose you are a blogger and you have created a very good logo for your website! And maybe you can make a logo very well!

In such a situation, if any other blogger or company makes a logo for you on your website and you make a logo for them, then you are a freelancer here! The Real Reason Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Was So Popular

You gave a logo to one customer, but now when the next customer comes, let’s tell you because there are many best freelance sites on the internet, where there are many freelancers and customers!

By creating an account on these platforms, you can easily become a freelancer! You get two options to create an account on these independent sites! First, you can create an account as a freelancer or as a customer! How does aviator online game work?

What are freelance jobs? – Freelance work

What happens when there are freelance jobs? Speaking of, simple jobs are done for a company, while freelance jobs are done for ourselves and not for any company!

There is a lot of freelancing craze these days! Now people don’t want to do any permanent job! Because in permanent employment they don’t get the freedom they get in freelancing!

You only work for a few hours as a freelancer and once the job is done, you get paid and can start freelancing for any other client!

Nowadays, companies also prefer to hire freelancers to get their work done instead of hiring permanent employees!

What are the types of freelance jobs? The best freelance work

There are various types of freelancing jobs available these days! And let us tell you that not only people in need are looking for freelancers for these vacancies, but also big companies like to let them work!

Freelance website development

In Web Designing Freelance Jobs, you can give it to people by creating their website! Or people often want to design their website header, footer and sidebar accordingly, then you can do the work for them!

Let us tell you that for Web Designing Freelancer Jobs you need to have knowledge of the following skills!

  • Knowledge of CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress
  • Typography (fonts)
  • Photo editing
  • Programming (HTML, CSS and PHP)
  • Java Script

Account Services Freelance work

You can provide accounting services to a small startup or business such as setting up their online account, inventory management, collections processing and financial statement preparation and more!

Freelance content writing jobs

Freelance content writing is the most preferred and challenging freelance job these days!

Many bloggers often look for good content writers for their website in various fields like technology, reviews, education and fashion etc.

You can write content in any language like Hindi or English! You will be surprised to know that many bloggers these days are regional language based! You can also write content in the regional language if you want!

SEO and content optimization Freelance work

If you are a digital marketer and have good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge and good SERP optimization of any content, you can give it to people!

Many new bloggers or those bloggers who don’t have time to SEO their site are often looking for a good freelancer!

Freelance work related to income tax

Usually people fill income tax, but not everyone has enough information about income tax. In such a situation, people look for a freelancer to file their income tax!

If you are a CA (Charted Accountant) and have good knowledge, you can provide income tax filing service to people!

Why we should be freelancers

They say you should never hide your talent, if you also have talent, you can turn it into a professional through freelancing! This way you will also become an expert in this job and you can earn money too! This will increase your self-confidence!

Whatever work you do, do it with your heart! Think about how to do it in different ways! Freelancing is a skill base! Earn money with skills here!

So you will recognize your talent even by being a freelancer and working on it all the time! It is important that you are proficient in one niche!

As if you write well, you can become a good content writer, so you should freelance!

Top 10 Freelancing Websites 

Fiverr.com is the best and completely free website for freelancing! They are sold and bought in this service! That’s why this freelancer site has separate accounts for the freelancer and the client!

Every day thousands of people visit this site for online services and create their account!

If you want to do freelancing on Fiverr, then first you need to create a freelancer account on this site and describe well the services you will provide such as your skills, experience and completed projects so far. Need to provide information about etc.

  1. Upwork.com
    You can work online here! To connect with any buyer on Upwork, you can message the buyer first!

There are many freelancing services available such as Designee & Creative, Development & IT, Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Financing and more!

If you are considering freelancing with UPwork, then you must first create an account on this site! Upwork takes 15-20% of whatever you earn!

  1. Freelancer.com
    Freelancer.com is the most famous freelancing website! You can start your career as a freelancer on this site. Both Freelancer and Buyer can also create their account here!

Today millions of people are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs and making millions freelancing on Freelancing.com!

  1. Toptal.com
    Toptal.com is a freelance website used by many professionals around the world! In this big companies buy freelancers who are looking for a special ability!

Many start-ups are also getting involved! If you are an expert in any skill, then there can be no better website in the world than Toptal to do freelancing on a large scale!

  1. peopleperhour.com
    Peopleperhour.com is a UK freelancing website! Which provides customer service! It is very popular for alternative employment! There are no limits in this work!

Like Upwork, it also has different service categories!

Freelancers must create an account in order to freelance! to sign up! More Concert reviews will be the first on this website!

Provide full information about the content you are displaying the Gig on! Any project is suitable to display according to customers!

  1. 99designs.com
    99designs.com is a graphic design website! It primarily provides website design, template creative, logo, website and app design, business and advertising services.

Works in graphic design and client networking!

Create custom projects for freelancers with 99Designs! The 99Designs website also offers an opportunity for freelancers to build their own brand!

  1. Guru.com
    Guru.com is a freelancing website where you can search online for freelance jobs based on your skills and talents! These sites are frequented by people who need a good freelancer!
  2. Studio.envato.com
    studio.envato.com This is a community of very senior and experienced developers! Here you can find talents according to your project and if you are thinking of freelancing, you can also join this community!
  3. Talent.hubstaff.com
    Thousands of software campaigns, small startups and e-commerce businesses are constantly coming to talent.hubstaff.com looking for a good talented freelancer!

So if you want to become a freelancer, then quickly create a profile on Talent.hubstaff for free!

  1. Clickworker.com
    Clickworker.com is a great freelance website! The freelancer on this site is called Clickworker! You can use the service of this site whenever you need it!

They also provide a dedicated customer service contact for any of your project orders!


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