What are the alternatives to Netflix in the market (and beyond)?


Netflix is ​​unstoppable when it comes to shooting itself in the foot, and it appears to be a train that just won’t stop. After all, everything that happens is not just the desire of the platform to make more money (greed). It’s something that’s also closely related to the fact that the streaming world is expensive, unwieldy, and has content too separated by different platforms, each with their own subscriptions.

What are the alternatives to Netflix? There are more than many, especially when you leave the “official” panorama.

Therefore, when we talk about real alternatives on the market, we are talking about Netflix’s competing platforms, such as HBO Max , Disney + , Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video .

In my most honest opinion, to pick just one, I would always have to go to HBO Max or Prime Video where we have more variety of content. But of course, opting for a single platform will always mean a lack of access to exclusive content on other platforms.

This is exactly why the community is developing “grey” alternatives! Much more advanced compared to the recent past.

Warning: We are not going to teach you how to illegally access multimedia content here. But let’s talk a little bit about what’s going on.

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With the growing number of subscriptions and the increasing separation of content by different platforms, we have more and more users choosing other types of platforms, which are not illegal in themselves, but which, with some help from “add-ons”, offer absolutely incredible access to all kinds of multimedia content.

In short, we now have Streamio’s rise to fame! A Kodi-style program that doesn’t do much on its own and isn’t even illegal. However, as with Kodi, it is possible to install add-ons that open other doors. Some of the most popular plugins are: Torrentio (the name speaks for itself) and AllDebrid (a caching system).

But unless you’re looking for add-ons and installing “stuff” you don’t know about. In Portugal, we always have a successor to Mr.Piracy, namely Pobre.tv.

what do you think about all this? Have you entered this new world yet? Or are you afraid of possible illegality? Do you agree with everything Netflix does? First, share your opinion with us in the comment box below.


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