FM WHATSAPP Download and Features

FM Whatsapp is a messaging app just like the original WhatsApp! Which is made by modifying Whatsapp source code

FmWhatsApp you can easily see other's last seen even if your last seen is turned off

Privacy Feature of FM WhatsApp

you can also see the status of deleted people after turning on Anti-Delete Status of FmWhatsApp

Anti-Delete Status

whenever the person in front of you sends you a message, they will always see the same tick and think that your internet is off

Hide BlueTick And Delivered

the person in front will only see a blue tick next to a message sent to them when you reply to their message

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

You can easily remove the Forwarded tag from it through the Disable Forwarded Tag On Messages feature

Disable Forwarded Tag On Messages

With this great feature of Fmwhatsapp, you can start WhatsApp chatting with someone without saving their number

Message Without Saving Any Contact