Dizzying action, dazzling visual effects and Dwayne Johnson, supported by a cast of lively co-actors, lend Black Adam

he first feature devoted to the DC Comics anti-hero - pace and power. The film's dynamism is, however, strictly superficial.

The long-gestating action adventure certainly isn't greater than the sum of its parts? 

The parts that work, especially Johnson's immense star power, do the heavy lifting. 

 The genre tropes, wrapped and delivered in shimmering packets, do not quite pull their weight.

The focus of Black Adam is expectedly on the titular character and the star who embodies him on screen - both undeniably mighty.

The story takes a bit of a back seat in the process without being knocked completely out of the reckoning.

The spin-off from 2019's Shazam wastes no time to jump into a prelude that spells out how Adam Teth, a hero, a champion, a legend, became Black Adam.