Priyanka Chahar & Ankit Gupta’s Friendship Hits Rock Bottom, Will The Friends Turn Foes?

Bigg Boss 16's best friends and 'Udaariyan' actors Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Ankit Gupta's friendship has hit the rock bottom

While Priyanka feels that she is the only one who supports Ankit and he is taking her for granted, Ankit tries to explain that he also respects her emotions and has feelings for her.

But she is not ready to accept that. And says that it is her fault that she is poking her nose in his matters and always supports her. 

Shalin Bhanot makes a confession in front of Sumbul Touqeer and says that he was rude towards her because of Bigg Boss 16 co-contestant Tina Datta as she continuously kept questioning his relationship with Sumbul.

Shalin says: “My behaviour towards you was rude because of Tina as she keeps saying,

‘Have you not seen sumbul has a feeling for you.’ I confronted her a number of times.” To this Sumbul replies: “Tina is very clever and you are my friend

and it matters who stands with me.” Shalin agrees and adds: “Something needs to be done now.”