Here's Why Abdu Rozik And Sajid Khan Are Reportedly Out Of Salman Khan's TV Show

The show which went down post start has picked up again and is credited due to known controversies and unsaid fights.

This weekend on the Salman Khan-hosted show, there might be two contestants leaving the show. 

Abdu who was a victim of dirty bullying by Sajid Khan

A promo shared by Colors TV shows Abdu being called out by Bigg Boss as Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sajid and Shiv Thakre get emotional.

 Soon after this news took over the internet, we looked over for a reason why one of the most trending contestants of the house had to leave the show mid-way.

To everyone’s relief, Abdu has gone out on medical grounds and will return to entertain us soon.

Sajid Khan’s eviction on the other hand is a sceptical one.