Minecraft is a game known for its various intriguing monsters, from the iconic Creepers to the enigmatic Endermen.

However, players have developed several mods to add even more dangerous and breathtaking creatures to the world.

The sheer number of mods in the Minecraft community is massive, even when filtering out those that aren't custom monster-related

Due to this huge collection, it can be tough to figure out which one fits a specific player's taste.

Alex's Mobs

While Alex's Mobs is a well-known mod for adding animals to Minecraft, it doesn't stop at ordinary creatures.

While adding monsters to Minecraft is plenty of fun, players sometimes don't want the creatures to spread out through the Overworld.

The Twilight Forest

Ice and Fire: Dragons is a magnificent overhaul mod for players who want a more plentiful Overworld.

 Ice and Fire: Dragons

Complete with unique entity AI and the whimsical nature of magic, Mowzie's Mobs is a diverse modification that adds many new mobs to the game. 

Mowzie's Mobs