Vashi Diamonds Origin and Complete Details

Vashi Diamonds
Vashi Diamonds

Vashi brings you a new way to create beautiful personal jewelry that captures your story. We are proud to invite you to the heart of design and process – because we believe that what you have made means more than just what you bought.

British jeweler Vashi is looking to end diamond purchases and change the way buyers buy gemstones through a new store in Piccadilly that focuses on desithe gn and personal behavior.

Vashi Domínguez, whose background is in the diamond and e-commerce stores, has partnered with James McArthur, a longtime investor and real estate manager, on a marketing idea that allows customers to design or design their own diamond jewelry, and participate in the process of creating it.

The first Vashi store opened quietly last week at 46 Piccadilly, a long walk from the Bond Street luxury line, and the official launch is set for Wednesday.

Reflecting on the Doubtful Millennium, recognizing pricing and the love of experience, Vashi uses a democratic marketing approach, offering prices almost 50 percent lower than Tiffany & Co. like Ernest Jones and goldsmiths, with diamonds of the same quality.


Vashi Diamonds Contact Info

Call us or send a message – +44 (0) 800 530 0541

Ask us anything, from how to engrave your piece to delivery updates – we’ll reply within 24 hours –

Find the opening hours of your nearest store at the link below and plan your visit – Store

How are Vashi diamonds formed?

All Vashi diamonds are mined diamonds. We only work with natural diamonds and we never supply laboratory gemstones to be sold.

Many diamonds were formed about three billion years ago, due to deep carbon underground crystals, and under extreme heat and pressure.

The shape of the diamond determines everything from the level of the glitter out to the type of setting you choose; sharp corners, for example, may require more protection than round ones. The shape of a diamond can help you shape your budget, too. A diamond with a large surface will look larger than a deep cut of the same carat weight, while a diamond shape with many features, such as a glossy round or princess cut, can help hide the inserts and color hints, meaning you can escape with a slightly lower arrangement.

However, ultimately choosing the shape of a diamond is about finding the one that captures your heart. Continue reading to find the one that is right for you.


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