Upcoming Kannada Movie 2022 – 2023


Upcoming Kannada Movie 2022 – 2023 Another all-India movie of the Kannada film industry ‘Banaras’ will be released in theaters across the country on Friday. The promo of ‘Banaras’ has received appreciation and is expected to enthrall the audience.

Speaking to IANS, director Jayateerth talked about the film’s USP for the South Indian audience: “They feel Banaras and experience Banaras. And after hitting theaters I am pretty sure you will visit Banaras city with your family. ,

Jayateerth explained, “For the North Indian audience, I would say, Banaras is your pride. We showed it in a divine and poetic way that no one had portrayed before and asked them to experience it.”


Upcoming Kannada Movie 2022-2023

“He is excited that I have done an all-India film. It is feared that Yash has become an all-India star after acting in several films. Rishabh Shetty was a director, actor and technician and now he has achieved success with ‘Kantara’. But the film’s protagonist Zaid Khan is the new bee in the film industry.”

“I made sure he was right. Everyone who has seen the film appreciates his acting skills. As of now character based Indian movies like ‘Pushpa’, ‘KGF’ 1 & 2, ‘Kantara’ are super hits. This is the first time a content-based theme has been presented through ‘Banaras’,” he explained.

He said, “Benaras is not just in name. I showed liveliness on the screen. I have brought to the screen the vibes that I personally felt in Banaras when I went there as a South Indian.

Upcoming Kannada Movie 2022-2023

Jayatirtha explained, “The place, the Bharat Mata Mandir, the Ghat, the playing of musical instruments, the sound of the river that creates vibrations in me will create the same vibrations in the audience. That is why the name ‘Banáry’ was retained.”

Jayateertha further said that Bengaluru is portrayed more beautifully by a director from Kerala or Tamil Nadu than a native director. “If the natives of Banaras watch the film, they will be surprised how beautiful their Banaras is.


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