Uninstall These Apps Now, Stealing Your Personal Data and Crypto Data

Uninstall These Apps Now
Uninstall These Apps Now

One day, another criminal attack was made to steal sensitive information. In this case, it contains Android apps that you may have downloaded and that you may be using. However, they not only steal your personal data, but the report reveals that some apps take your Facebook password and store crypto data.

Trend Micro, an online security company, has listed more than 200 applications on Playstore that contain “Facestealer,” a type of spyware on Android. In addition to this, the same company has seized more than 40 fake cryptocurrency miner applications that were trying to steal cryptocurrency and remove sensitive information without user consent. Some of these applications found had over 100,000 installs. How to choose the Best Health Insurance Policy For Family

Here is a list of the seven applications that the company has. If you are using any of the apps below, remove them immediately.

A malicious spy called Facestealer attacks the official Android store with hundreds of apps to steal large amounts of user data. These are applications that make a variety of uses, ranging from fitness apps to photo editing tools and games. Advice issued by analysts of leading cybersecurity company Trend Micro about this latest malware. Redmi 12 Pro Specifications and Pricing | Redmi 12 Pro Review

Google has now banned three apps from the Google Play Store and urged android users to remove them from their devices as they may not be safe. These apps reportedly bring Joker malware to android smartphones that can steal money. Panchayat Season 2 OTT Released | How to watch Panchayat Season 2 For Free

Three apps that secretly use the Joker computer malware in the Google Play Store Style Message, Blood Pressure Application, and Camera PDF Scanner. It is said that once the app is live in the Google Play Store, “malicious” activities begin. Android users are deceived by this malicious program by paying subscriptions and fraudsters steal money from their accounts.

Google has downloaded these apps in the Google Play Store. However, they may be available on smartphones. If so, remove them immediately to avoid any dangerous activity.

According to Kaspersky researcher Igor Golovin, malicious software like Joker “often spreads on Google Play, where fraudsters download official apps from the store, add malicious code to them and reload the store under a different name. Apex Legends Mobile Launched on Android and iOS – How To Install

These apps bypass Google’s testing process by keeping their malicious code in place until the app comes live in the Google Play Store. Then, seeking permission to access text messages and notifications, they finally subscribe to expensive services that they have never asked for.

List of Apps Containing Virus

Daily Fitness OL – As the name suggests, it is a fitness app that comes in the Resources and Tools category.

Panorama Camera – An app for taking panorama pictures with your phone’s camera.

Business Meta Manager – Facebook business profile management application.

Swam Photo – Photo Editor app for Android, which it allows users to delete backgrounds and create photo collages.

Enjoy Photo Editor – Also, a photo editor app.

Cryptomining Farm Your Coin – A cryptocurrency app.

Parody Play Photo – Game app.

Now that you know the name of these apps, be careful not to let anyone install them. While it is unfortunate that a small amount of user data is compromised, it is good to know that when Google found out about this, it removed the apps from the PlayStore. So you won’t find these apps in the PlayStore to download them now, but you can still log in to the third-party APK download site. KGF Chapter 2 Available On OTT Amazon Prime, See How To Watch

Most of the applications infected with Facestealer spyware are not well measured, however, the ones we have listed above are unfortunately different. Photo Gaming Puzzle and Swarm Photo apps have a rating of 4.1 stars. Enjoy Photo Editor had over 100,000 installations before Google released it on the PlayStore.


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