Udaariyaan 8th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Nehmat sees the advice and says sorry. He mocks her. She Says I Thought Its Someone Else, Sorry, I M Not A Politician To Hug Problems. He, you are your wit, it can make you a good politician. She says No, I am happy in what I am doing. He says you are college magazine editor, you will become a journalist, I know everything, if you want to join politics, then tell me your speech can silence people. He says I hate politics. She is going. He Says So She Is Tejo And Fateh’s Daughter, What Is She Doing Here, Who Is She Finding, Did She Come To Find Aykam, Oh Yes, Are They Still Together. Naaz sees Nehmat and asks what he is doing here. Advit says his Nehmat. Shamsher asks him to be careful. Aykam comes and takes Nehmat away. Advit thinks where did she go. Nehmat hugs Aykam and cries. He says I can’t stay without you. He says even if I can’t stay without you, you are my life. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, I have to find out, why is dad saying this. He asks what I did, why uncle went against me. He says I don’t know, there is something we don’t know, he doesn’t see a big house and money, I can’t find it alone, I need your help, we will solve this problem together, we will spend Our life together. They say I love you and hug and cry. Naaz says Amazing Nehmat, you fooled everyone at home about your breakup, you are secretly getting hugs here. Clicks on their picture. Nehmat returns home and cries in his room. She closes the window. A window will open. Aykam And Her Pic Falls. He asks what should I do, Rupy doesn’t want me to meet you. She is crying.

Naaz greets Renuka and says Sorry, If I Disturbed You. Renuka asks what happened. Naaz says you went to Vaishno Devi, so much happened here, how can I say it, Nehmat and Aykam broke up. Renuka says yes, Mallika told me, he went to academy, tell me everything. Mallika asks why is dad against you. Nehmat says I will go if you have to talk about the same things. Mallika says I Don’t Believe Your Breakup, You Are the Ultimate Couple For Me, Love should be Such. Nehmat thinks I can’t tell you anything.

Renuka says Jai would have thought well before taking a decision, he would have broken Aykam with this breakup. Naaz looks on. Mallika says Naaz is happy with your breakup, no one is flirting with her. She Sees Advit And Says Your Jija, Someone Make My Hair Fly, He Is Coming Here. Mallika goes to him. Nehmat can’t see his face. Mallika greets him. He turns around. Nehmat sees him and remembers their meeting.

Mallika says I fell in front of your car. Advit says Yes I hope you are fine. Nehmat thinks I don’t like him, should I tell her? He asks Mallika to come. Mallika says this is Nehmat my beast. Advit Health Nehmat. Mallika signs Nehmat to shake hands. Nehmat shakes hands with him. Mallika says you had to go somewhere, don’t worry, I will come alone. He asks Nehmat to go now. The leaves of Nehmat. Mallika asks what coffee please sit I will order.

Advit Says So This Is Nehmat Virk’s Friend, Interesting, I have to tolerate her now. Naaz says I want Jai to accept them, they can’t live without each other, they are talking about separation, they were meeting secretly yesterday, I saw them. Shows Their Picture Renunciation And Smiling. Jai hears this. Naaz asks Renuka not to say that. Satti asks Nehmat are you fine? Nehmat says yes. Satti says I can understand what you are going through.

Goon asks Jai Are you sure Aykam is not meeting Nehmat? Jai remembers Naaz’s words. He says no, he won’t meet, I told my son and also Nehmat’s Nana, she won’t meet him now. Goon threatens him. Jai says I am not lying, don’t do anything to them. Naaz recalls Advit and checks the picture. She Says I Will See, What Uncle Does Seeing These Pics, I M Ahead Of Nehmat, Varun And My Love Story Is Hit, Aykam And Nehmat’s Love Story Flopped. Nehmat comes and asks her to come for breakfast. Naaz looks at his phone with Nehmat and Aykam’s picture on the screen. Nemat turns around.

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Goon says Aykam and Nehmat are cheating Jai too. Nehmat sees the goons and shouts aykam. Aykam is worried and searches for her.


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