The Real Reason Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ Was So Popular

Squid Game’
Squid Game’

Korean Netflix drama series Squid Game was among the top-grossing shows on the streamer when it premiered on September 17, 2021. The show had approximately 1.65 billion hours of views in the first 28 days since its release on the streaming platform. But why was Squid Game the most successful series on the streaming platform? Was it because of the story, the cast, or something else? Let’s decode the same.


Netflix credits Squid’s success for its viewing model

The streaming platform suggests that much of the credit for Squid Game’s success goes to its tracking model. This is the main reason why Hwang Dong-hyuk’s series has quickly become one of the most popular series on the platform. According to, a new letter from a Netflix shareholder attributed the South Korean show’s record-breaking success to its streaming model.

The streaming giant’s third-quarter earnings letter said: “It’s hard to imagine, for example, how a Korean title like Squid Game could become a global mega-hit without people being able to digest it. We believe that our members’ ability to immerse themselves in a story from beginning to end increases their enjoyment, but also increases their likelihood to tell their friends, which then means more people will watch, join and stay with Netflix.”

Hwang Dong-hyuk announces Squid Season 2

The series is enjoying a top spot despite the fact that Season 4 of Stranger Things garnered the most minutes of any series watched within a week of its premiere. However, with Squid Game Season 2 arriving soon, it may give Season 1 a run for its money. The series’ director/writer Hwang Dong-hyuk is already hard at work on the upcoming sequel.

Hwang gave more information about the new series, saying that it will feature new exciting games with interesting plot twists. He teased, “All I will say is that there will be new games, even better games than the first season, to come.” Also, Read- What is Freelancing?

Netflix Announces Squid Game Reality Competition Spinoff

Netflix officially announced the renewal of Squid Game Season 2 in June 2022. However, the director already teased in 2021 that he had already started working on the framework for the upcoming season. Additionally, Netflix Chief Content Officer and Co-CEO Ted Sarandos also hinted that “the Squid Game universe has just begun”.

The franchise has also announced that it will soon include a Netflix-produced competition reality show based on the series. The spinoff will bring 456 contestants on board to compete against each other for a whopping $4.56 million. This is the highest amount ever in the history of reality TV shows.

Subscribers who have not yet seen the first season of the series can try it out on the streaming platform. Squid Game Season 2 has no official release date yet.


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